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Master Tank in COD Mobile:Everything You Need to Know

Master Tank in COD Mobile:Everything You Need to Know

Call Of Duty:Mobile is one of the most popular battle royale games in the industry. It is full of action and has amazing graphics and design. The game had introduced Battle Tanks into the game a few months ago. Adding tanks completely changed the game and had a huge impact on gameplay. In this article, we explain Master Tank in COD Mobile and everything you need to know.

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Master tank in COD Mobile

Master Tank in COD Mobile:Everything You Need to Know

Master Tanks are the recently added explosive tanks in COD:Mobile. They are only available through airdrops and are not provided in-game. The tank can easily destroy enemies rushing towards the tank. It also comes with built-in cannons capable of dealing explosive damage to enemies. However, players must master the tank's guns to fire them effectively. Players will need to understand release speed and only then can they master the weapon.

Moreover, the gun also comes with a secondary weapon, which is the machine gun. The machine gun targets enemies at longer ranges, and just like the main guns, players will need to practice patience to master it. Main tanks can be effective in squad modes, where main tanks can be used as a distraction and confuse enemies. At the same time, other squad members can use it as an advantage and cover themselves in the long run. This was the Master Tank related article in COD and everything you need to know about it.

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