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Free Fire Booyah Shoot Event:Get Loot Crates, Vouchers, and More!

Free Fire is currently preparing for Booyah Day 2021 and it will soon arrive with its peak day tomorrow, November 20, 2021. Here is how to complete the Free Fire Booayh Shoot event which is a free and rewarding event for players.

Free Fire events are updated regularly and keep it fresh and hectic. It also provides payers with tasks to complete in order to win events. In this event, players need to complete missions in order to collect tokens. These tokens can now be exchanged for free rewards and cosmetics featured during the event.

Here's how to complete the Free Fire Booyah Shoot event today!

Free Fire Booyah Shoot Event

Free Fire Booyah Shoot Event:Get Loot Crates, Vouchers, and More!

This new event includes a period from November 18, 2021 to November 28, 2021. It simply presents a few missions that players must complete to get rewards.

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The event features a basketball mini-game that allows the player to play a short game with the earned tokens. Players need to complete certain missions such as daily logins and games to get basketball chips.

These tokens can be used to play the mini game and players must score goals in order to unlock the corresponding rewards. Daily missions to get tokens are refreshed every day at 4:00 AM IST.

Free Fire Booyah Shoot Event:Get Loot Crates, Vouchers, and More!

The reward pool for the event is:

  • 5 objectives:Animal food x3
  • 15 objectives:Gold Royale Bonds x3
  • 30 Goals:Booyah Day Loot Box
  • 45 goals:Red Samurai Rifle x3 Box
  • 60 goals:Royal Diamond Voucher x2

How to access the event?

  • Open the free Fire app on your mobile devices.
  • Click on the Calendar section on the right of the home screen, then click on the 'Booyah Day' tab at the top.
  • After that, click on the "Booyah Shoot" tab on the left.
  • Click "Go To" and the spin will open.
  • Compete in daily missions to unlock tokens and use them to play the mini-game.
  • Collect rewards for the goals you score!

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