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Fortnite Alien Nanites:New Weapon in Season 7

Fortnite Season 7 weapons are deeply integrated with aliens into their gameplay. Fortnite Alien Nanites are the newest addition to the game and act as a common jet and crafting resource. Currently, Fortnite is in its exciting Chapter 2 Season 7 with many new inclusions like UFOs, Alien Abductions, and Alien Weapons in the game.

This weapon was leaked by data miners a week ago and has a futuristic theme like brand new weapons on par with the Invasion theme. The article talks about Fortnite Alien Nanite, the latest addition to the game in Season 7 as a new alien weapon.

Fortnite Alien Nanites:New Weapon in Season 7

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Fortnite Alien Nanites

Fortnite season 7 weapons are essentially anti-climactic to season 6 primary weapons, given that the former has a more futuristic feel, alongside the alien theme. Many in this section include collecting raw materials to upgrade your in-game weapon. In many cases, players can also combine a weapon and materials to create an entirely new weapon.

Fortnite Alien Nanites:New Weapon in Season 7

Alien nanites can be launched to generate an alien biome that will deploy an anti-gravity field. If you keep jumping, he launches you into the air. As a crafting resource, alien nanites can be used to craft IO or alien weapons from their regular counterparts. Alien Nanites can be used as crafting components to upgrade a player's existing firearms and used to upgrade weapons most of the time. Currently, a single alien nanite would be enough to upgrade a weapon.

Fortnite Alien Nanites:New Weapon in Season 7

Fortnite Season 7's Alien theme brought sci-fi weapons and alien parasites into the mix and added nanites into the mix. Alien Nanites will be available as ground loot and will be more common in alien infested areas. They have two functions, one as an object and the other as a material of manufacture. Players must start by finding crafting materials, then navigate menus to hammer them onto their weapon to create a more powerful weapon. The item creation interface is also tricky to use when there are players around.

Players will be able to transform their weapons into alien weapons using alien nanites. Which means 1 Alien Nanite =1 ship of normal to alien weapons. The exact procedure was shared by iFireMonkey on Twitter and will be enabled via a patch. Alien Nanite upgrades will be as follows:

  • Assault Rifles> Pulse Rifle
  • SMG> Kymera Ray Gun
  • Pistols> Bad News
  • Snipers> Rail Gun

Players might find it disappointing to lose an Assault Rifle for a Pulse Rifle, but things could change.

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