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Role of sentries in Valorant explained:duties and strategy

Valorant has a myriad of Agents and a variety of roles spread across 16 Agents. The role of sentinels in Valorant Entry Fraggers in Valorant is quite simple. This is a type of agents in Valorant who should lock down the bomb site in defense and after the factory in attack.

SummaryRole of sentries in Valorant1. Sage2. Encrypt3. The joy of living

Each character has 4 unique abilities and plays a specific role in the composition of the team. A team with perfectly composed roles played by suitable players is almost unbeatable in any scenario. But what are these roles and what kind of players are best suited to play them? The article lists the roles and duties of Valorant Sentinels and Valorant Agents to whom this role is assigned.

Role of sentries in Valorant explained:duties and strategy

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Role of the sentinels in Valorant

The sentinel role in Valorant is a very important role in the composition of the team. In the right hands, the Sentinel can be the line between winning or losing the round. They have slow abilities that help with intelligence gathering and flank surveillance. These agents are usually played by the team's in-game leader (IGL).

Sentinels are defensive experts who have the abilities to manipulate the battlefield, lock down areas of contention, and provide utilities such as healing. There are currently three Sentinels in VALORANT:Cypher; Joyful; and Sage. As mentioned earlier, let's see how each of these three agents turn out to be useful sentinels.

1. Sage

Role of sentries in Valorant explained:duties and strategy

This Chinese sentry is probably the most important of all. Its walls can be used to hold down choke points, but its healing and resuscitation abilities are the most important. It can bring any player back or give them extra HP which can totally change the course of the round. His Slow Orbs are often used with other Agents' damage abilities to make it harder for opponents to escape.

As a sentry, his main role is to lock off part of the site with his wall, slow his enemies as a defense mechanism, heal and revive his teammates as a support character.

2. Encrypt

Zero is an intel gathering agent whose abilities help to monitor and gain valuable information to help the team win the round. He is a very team-oriented agent and can come in very handy during the round. It can flank very effectively and lock down sites safely using its trip wire and cam or cage combos.

3. The joy of living

Role of sentries in Valorant explained:duties and strategy

Killjoy is a German agent who uses his technology in combat. His abilities also help gain intel while effectively guarding the flank. She can also recall her Alarmbot or turret while walking away and place it in a new location. She can obviously secure at least 2 sites with her turret and her alarm robots as well as swarm grenades. Being the only Sentinel with damage-causing abilities and full Intimate Lockdown, Killjoy is a very valuable agent.

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