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New Fortnite Weather Update:Tornadoes and Lightning in Chapter 3

Fortnite Weather Update:Fornite already received the big in-game weather change regarding tornadoes and lightning yesterday, and the changes will be reflected in gameplay soon enough. Players are eager to see how tornadoes affect gameplay and survival.

Previous leaks had already revealed the appearance of tornadoes in the game that will be integrated into the battle. The article talks about the Fortnite weather update and how tornadoes and lightning work in Chapter 3.

New Fortnite Weather Update:Tornadoes and Lightning in Chapter 3

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Fortnite Weather Update

Fortnite's newest chapter brought the usual batch of new content with big map changes and new mechanics in the form of new characters and other inclusions. Many new features are also being added to the game as the season progresses to its climax.

A recent Fortnite Chapter 3 patch revealed that Tornados are coming to the game, all active to change the gameplay experience for players.

"If you see a tornado starting to form, that's not a leak signal. Instead, kick off as a whirlwind escape strategy! You'll spin around until you choose to get to safety - or if you keep spinning long enough - until the twister spits you out. Don't worry:you won't take fall damage if you get knocked down,” the blog post reads.

Tornadoes aren't the only aspect of the upcoming severe weather Fortnite , however, as data miners have discovered that we will also have thunderstorms. If you are hit by an electric bolt from one of them, you will take 10 damage, but you will also gain speed, like when you consume a chili splash.

New Fortnite Weather Update:Tornadoes and Lightning in Chapter 3

When you collide with a tornado, it lifts you up and sends you floating through the air. You can exit the tornado when you're ready and drop down to a whole new location. The tornado will automatically spit you in a random direction and you will land without taking fall damage if you wait longer.

Tornadoes will use a lot of physics to pick up and throw lots of items. However, there is currently only one tornado, others with varying intensities may be added later.

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