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Fortnite Creative brings new Spire and Primal Galleries

Fortnite Creative is one of a kind in the Fortnite world except for the battle royale mode. It's part of Fortnite, except players can use different creative map codes to have a different taste in gaming experiences.

Players can create their own servers and have others join. The article talks about the new Spire and Primal galleries recently added in Fortnite Creative for players.

Fortnite Creative brings new Spire and Primal Galleries

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Fortnite Creative Changes

Fortnite Creative Mode features a mode where players had to complete quests. It allows the community to unlock different arenas with challenges that players can participate in.

Recently, there have been several additions in the Fortnite creation, including galleries of two types, namely Primal and Spire, which players are already familiar with.

This mode was already part of the Fortnite creation. It allows players to do anything and everything, taking the game's fun quotient a notch higher. The new mode can be used to test and explore many new game features and used to formulate strategies and much more.


  • Fixed some collision issues with Elemental Cube gallery assets.
  • Fixed an issue with football goals spawning when destroying sports fields in the sports gallery.
  • Fixed an issue with the ivy, from the Princess Castle Tower prefab, giving the wrong resource materials.
  • Fixed an issue with planter accessories, from The Sanctuary set, not giving material resources.
Fortnite Creative brings new Spire and Primal Galleries


  • In some cases, Creative Islands may not load after entering the island rift in Creative HUB
  • Players wearing the bush disguise will take explosive damage
  • Fixed an issue where the Item Granter and Switch Persistence options were not enabling the "Erase All Player Data" option when posting

Epic Games has added new features to the Prop Manipulator that allow you to turn any prop into a resource node for any type of resource. You can choose what type of resource to grant when the accessory is hit, including the ability to add your own items to the device.

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