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Don't buy a Smart TV buy a Roku instead!

There are many things to consider when shopping for a new TV Best OLED TV:LG, Sony, and Panasonic Best OLED TV:LG, Sony, and Panasonic OLED screens compared for TVs are all the rage these days. Three manufacturers lead the way:LG, Sony and Panasonic. Let's take a look at the best OLED TVs from these companies. Read more . In theory, one of the biggest decisions you'll have to make is which smart operating system you want to run. Some manufacturers have created their own operating system, while others use Roku or Android TV.

However, I am going to make the case for them to reject smart TVs. Is it worth having a Smart TV in 2017? 6 Things to Check Before Buying Is a Smart TV Worth It in 2017? 6 things to check before you buy Almost all TVs these days are "smart" in some capacity, but there are several important features to look out for! Here's why 2017 is the best year to buy a smart TV. Read More Worrying about your TV's operating system (or any of its smart features) is a waste of time. Instead, you should base your decision solely on specific TV specifications such as resolution, size, picture quality, etc. Essentially everything else aside from its smart features.

To gain access to those smart capabilities, it makes more sense to buy an external streaming device like a Roku Express. Here are six reasons why.

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1. TVs are built to last

Astute TV makers constantly make the same claim:Set-top boxes are running out because your smart TV can handle all your streaming needs on its own.

Could not be farther from the truth. The reason? Update cycles.

Roku devices have an average update cycle of 30 months. At the other end of the scale, a typical consumer's TV replacement cycle is about 10 years.

Don t buy a Smart TV buy a Roku instead!

Whether you're running a proprietary smart operating system or a Roku-based TV, you can be sure you'll get updates for a few years. But what happens beyond that?

One of two things will probably happen. Either the manufacturer will stop sending updates to your equipment in an offer to get you to buy a new TV, or your TV's hardware won't be able to handle the increased requirements of newer smart operating systems and will slow down the crawl speed. The "smart" part of the TV will become essentially unusable.

At that point, you are left with one option. Ditch your otherwise perfectly working TV and upgrade to a newer model, or go out and buy a Roku box (or other streaming device) and forget your TV had smart capabilities.

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2. TVs are expensive

Of course, discrepancies in refresh cycles wouldn't matter if TVs weren't so expensive. If you could buy a new TV for the price of a Roku device, this whole argument would be moot.

But you can not. It's hard to find a big, high-quality smart TV. What is the cheapest smart TV you should buy? What is the cheapest smart TV you should buy? The price of televisions varies enormously. You can literally be looking at thousands of dollars separating the cheaper models from the more expensive ones. Read More

And contrary to popular belief, it's still pretty easy to find non-smart TVs. You just need to do a little digging. Manufacturers don't promote their non-smart TVs as much as their smart product lines. Why? Because they are much cheaper..

Don t buy a Smart TV buy a Roku instead!

The difference between the price of a smart TV and its similarly specced non-smart cousin can be several hundred dollars. Which is more than enough money to buy a top-of-the-line Roku or other standalone streaming device.

3. TVs are not portable

One of the less discussed but more beneficial attributes of streaming dongles like the Roku Express, the Amazon Fire TV Stick, and the Chromecast vs. Apple TV vs. Roku:which Media Streamer is right for you? Chromecast vs. AppleTV vs. Roku:Which Media Streamer Is Right For You? Media streaming devices are simply awesome. Those little boxes that plug into your TV can add a host of entertainment options to your living room. But which device is best for you? Read More Even slightly larger stand-alone decoders can easily fit in a suitcase if you're going to be away from home for a long time.

Don t buy a Smart TV buy a Roku instead!

Since we live in an increasingly “on the go” world, portability is a plus. It means that every time you check into a hotel or visit a friend, plug in your Roku Streaming Stick, and you can have all your content and streaming subscriptions on screen in seconds.

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If you've invested all your money in a smart TV, you'll be stuck watching local crap on cable and endless Friends replays And as good as Friends It is/was, there are only so many times that you can see Ross and Rachel meet, split up, meet up, split up, and meet again before you get bored.

4. Smart TVs have fewer apps

This issue may not be as pronounced on smart TVs running Roku or Android. However, on proprietary systems like WebOS (LG) and Tizen (Samsung), it's becoming a real problem.

In simple terms, there isn't the same amount of app availability on proprietary systems as Roku, Android TV, or Apple TV.

Don t buy a Smart TV buy a Roku instead!

Sure, most TVs will offer Netflix and a couple of other top-tier streaming providers, but beyond those headline apps, content can be very scarce. For example, many apps that cord cutters rely on every day, like HBO GO, Sling TV, Crunchyroll, and PlayStation Vue, aren't available on Tizen.

In contrast, Roku offers around 4,500 apps on the official app store and several thousand private Roku channels and apps. 20 Private Roku Channels You Should Install Right Now. 20 Private Roku Channels You Should Install Now. Here's how to add private channels to your Roku. Along with some of the best private Roku channels you can install right now. Read More It's hard to find a popular app that isn't available. The same applies to Android TV and Apple TV.

5. Smart TVs are underpowered

For some unknown reason, smart TVs are usually massively underpowered.

Take RAM as an example. Today, many mid-range smart TVs come with 2GB of RAM at most. Higher-end models $1,000+ may come with 4GB. Rewind for a couple of years, and 512MB was common.

Contrast that figure with some of the early decoders. The recently announced 4K Apple TV will ship with 3GB of RAM. The Nvidia Shield based on Android TV 7 reasons why the Nvidia Shield is the ultimate device for cord cutters 7 reasons why the Nvidia Shield is the ultimate device for cord cutters The Nvidia Shield may be the ultimate device for cord cutters everywhere. Here are seven reasons why you beat the competition without much effort. Read More

And what about storage? On smart TVs, less than 16GB is commonplace, and much of that is used by the operating system itself. In contrast, Apple TV offers up to 64GB and the Nvidia Shield Pro model has 500GB.

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6. Your TV is listening

Let's conclude with a word about privacy. If you follow tech news, you'll already be aware of the Samsung disaster in 2015, when it was revealed that the company's smart TVs were listening to your conversations in the background.

Pero los problemas potenciales son mucho más profundos que eso..

Por ejemplo, los televisores inteligentes actuales de Vizio tienen una configuración llamada Interactividad inteligente habilitado por defecto Suena lo suficientemente inocente como para garantizar que los usuarios desinformados nunca cuestionen si se debe desactivar.

Sin embargo, en la práctica, la configuración le permite a Vizio rastrear todo lo que ve, conectar esa información a su dirección IP y luego mostrarle sus anuncios en sus otros dispositivos según los datos. Es una violación salvaje de la privacidad de los usuarios confiados..

Samsung y LG tienen una configuración similar, aunque está deshabilitada de forma predeterminada. ¿Cuánto tiempo más sigue siendo el caso?.

Roku no es perfecto. La empresa todavía le muestra anuncios. Pero los anuncios están restringidos a su dispositivo Roku, y si deshabilita el Seguimiento de anuncios (Configuración> Sistema> Privacidad> Limitar el seguimiento de anuncios ), Roku no rastreará ninguna otra métrica.

Sé inteligente y quédate mudo

Hemos resaltado seis razones clave por las que una televisión tonta es la opción inteligente 5 razones por las que no debería comprar una TV inteligente 5 razones por las que no debería comprar una TV inteligente Es innegable que las televisiones inteligentes ya están obsoletas, y en este momento , la elección de comprar un televisor inteligente no sería algo inteligente. This is why. Leer más para la mayoría de la gente. Puede ahorrar dinero, mejorar su privacidad, disfrutar de mejores especificaciones y disfrutar de una variedad más amplia de contenido.

Esta es la conclusión:comprar un dispositivo Roku barato cada dos años puede mantener su televisor actualizado con la última tecnología inteligente sin necesidad de descargar un televisor completamente nuevo..

¿Está de acuerdo con esta opinión? ¿O todavía estás seguro de que las televisiones inteligentes son el futuro? Como siempre, puedes dejar tus pensamientos y opiniones en los comentarios a continuación..