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The A-Z of Kodi Everything you need to know

At first glance, Kodi is a simple application. When you first run it, nothing seems too complicated or too confusing.

And if you're happy to use the software at a very basic level, that's good:Kodi is easy to set up and use How to Set Up and Use Kodi:For Beginners How to Set Up and Use Kodi:For Beginners You've probably heard people talk about Kodi , but what is it? And how to start doing it? Here's how to set up and get started with Kodi. Read more . But once you scratch below the surface and delve into some of Kodi's most powerful features, how to make your Kodi Media Center even more amazing How to make your Kodi Media Center even more amazing Kodi is capable of much more than what its designers imagine. So, we dug deep and found out 10 fascinating ways to make your Kodi media center even better. Here's some awesome advice for Kodi fans... Read More

Whether you're a Kodi newbie considering switching to the app for all your home theater needs, or a Kodi veteran wanting to brush up on some essential terms, read on. Here's our complete guide to everything Kodi.

A is for plugins

Addons are addons for Kodi. When you install Kodi, it is empty. You need to fill it with content and services. You'll find add-ons for many popular internet services like YouTube, Hulu, Spotify, and Pandora Radio, but keep in mind that they're also home to all the illegal content that could get you in trouble with the law.

B is for constructions

A Kodi build is a way for beginners to get up and running quickly. Create bundle plugins, shortcuts and themes together in one installation. But they are not good for everyone. Poor builds can have a lot of broken content and outdated plugins.

C is for code

Kodi is free and open source. As such, anyone can use, copy, study and change the software. All the source code is available on the GitHub page. The main code base includes several coding languages, while most of the plugins are based on Python and XML. If you are an expert in those languages, start creating!

D is for DLNA

DLNA Compatibility What is DLNA and is it still used? What is DLNA and is it still used? DLNA was built for a world where local media was king. Read More You can receive and play any DLNA content you send to the app, browse DLNA media sources, share libraries between DLNA devices, and even use Kodi to control DLNA devices.

E is for everything

Kodi is the most versatile home theater app you will find. It can work with almost any type of media and any file format. See the image below for a complete list.

The A-Z of Kodi Everything you need to know

F is for full load

Fully loaded boxes are at the heart of the ongoing Kodi legality debate. What are Kodi boxes and is it legal to own one? What are Kodi boxes and is it legal to have one? In this article, we not only explain what Kodi boxes are, but also give you a definitive answer about their legality. Read more . You'll often find them advertised on sites like eBay and Craigslist with the promise of free movies or sports. The boxes are of poor quality compared to some of the best boxes available. Using them could even land you in jail, depending on the laws you live under.

G is for game controllers

You can control Kodi with your mouse, keyboard, or touchscreen, but the app was originally designed to be used with a TV remote. If you don't have a compatible TV remote, try using the game console controller. Kodi supports PlayStation 4 controllers, NVidia Shield controllers, and Xbox 360 controllers, among others.

H is for help

The nature of Kodi means that things can go wrong. When that happens, just make sure you have your log file ready to show to the experts in the community. You can enable the log file by going to Settings> System> Logging .

The A-Z of Kodi Everything you need to know

I is for iOS

Of all the devices, operating systems, and platforms in the world, the only one Kodi struggles to run on is iOS (who saw that coming?). There is a workaround if you're desperate to get the app on your iDevice, but it's not a simple process, and many users report limited functionality.

J is for joe

JeOS stands for “Just enough operating system.” It is an umbrella term for any implementation of Kodi on a dedicated device. How to Choose the Best Kodi Box for Your Needs How to Choose the Best Kodi Box for Your Needs Want to buy a Kodi box but not sure which one to go for? In this article, we recommend particular frames for particular needs, helping you narrow down your options. Read more . Done correctly, it will feel like a professional set-top box, receive timely OTA updates, and mostly hide the underlying OS from its users. OpenELEC, LibreELEC, OSMC, GeeXboX, Xbian and Buildroot qualify as JeOS distributions.

K is for Kodi

Why wouldn't the self-respecting A-Z list guy include the name of the application being discussed?

The A-Z of Kodi Everything you need to know

L is for LibreELEC

LibreELEC (“Libre Embedded Linux Entertainment Center”) is a fork of OpenELEC and runs a specialized preconfigured version of Kodi. Its developers fell out with the OpenELEC team in March 2016, leading to the split. Use this fork if you have an ODROID 2 device.

M is for MySQL

If you have a lot of Kodi instances running around your house, it's annoying (if not impossible) to keep them up to date and working the way you want them. You need a MySQL library:it will use a central database to sync all your applications automatically.

N is for news

Kodi is not just video, music and images. It can also act as a live news indicator thanks to the RSS feed that scrolls at the bottom of the main application window. By default, it shows Kodi news, but you can change it to show any RSS feed in the world. To customize the feed, go to Settings> Appearance> Skin> Show RSS news feed .

O is for OpenELEC

OpenELEC (“Open Embedded Linux Entertainment Center”) is an embedded operating system specifically designed to run a preconfigured version of Kodi. You can run it on flash drives, USB drives, SSDs, and even Raspberry Pi. It's particularly common on the WeTek Play.

P is for PVR

PVR features are available on Kodi. The app uses existing third-party PVR backends to receive the signals. This means you can watch live TV, listen to radio channels from around the world, view on-screen EPG TV guides (where available), and even schedule shows to record.

Q is for questions

Are you struggling to get Kodi to work exactly the way you want? Head over to the Kodi forums and ask any questions you have. There are sections for everything from tips and tricks to hardware discussions. With over 300,000 active members, you won't be in the dark for long.

The A-Z of Kodi Everything you need to know

R is for repositories

Repositories are the mechanisms that allow you to install addons on your Kodi software. Some contain thousands of plugins to choose from; some contain only one partner. To ensure you're getting the best legal addons available, use the official Kodi repository.

S is for skins

Kodi's default colors are blue and black, but that's not to everyone's taste. The community has developed many skins that change Kodi's screen images. Just go to Interface Settings> Skins .

T is for Translations

The Kodi community is always striving to translate the app into more languages. Volunteers do all the translations manually. At the time of this writing, 74 languages ​​are “in progress,” including Tajik, Amharic, and Telugu.

U is for Userdata

If there is a part of Kodi, it should be backed up regularly 7 Things To Know When Buying A Backup Data Drive 7 Things To Know When Buying A Backup Data Drive Thinking About Buying a data drive to store backup copies of files? Here's what you need to know if you want to make an informed decision. Read More Contains information about your entire app, including media libraries, settings, themes, thumbnails, RSS feeds, media feeds, and more. If you don't want to do it manually, some plugins can automate the process.

V is for version

The current stable version of Kodi is version 17.3. Except, there haven't really been 17 versions. There were no updates between September 2006 and November 2008. When development resumed, the version number jumped from v2.0 to v8.0. If you're not sure which version you're running, download the Version Check plugin.

The A-Z of Kodi Everything you need to know

W is for web interface

Kodi allows users to enable a web interface. It allows you to control the application and manage your library using a web browser on another machine. To turn it on, go to Settings> Services> Control> Allow remote control over HTTP .

X is for XBMC

XBMC stands for “Xbox Media Center” and is the former name for Kodi. The rebranding took place in 2014 after confusion and legality issues regarding the Xbox brand.

And it's for YouTube

Unsurprisingly, the YouTube addon is one of the most popular Kodi addons. It is also one of the most problematic. Error messages like Exception in ContentProvider and Quota exceeded They are common. It is possible to work around the issues by creating your own API key, but it is beyond the scope of this article.

Z is for Zappy

Zappy was the official mascot of XBMC. He was created by a user named "Fkoch" after a contest in 2011. Frankly, the less said about it, the better!

The A-Z of Kodi Everything you need to know

What terms are in your A-Z?

Learning these 26 terms and facts will give you a good foundation of knowledge about Kodi. But what other terms should users know? What definitions would you explain to a user for the first time? What would be in your A-Z of Kodi?