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Top 5 Best PUBG Mobile Muzzles in 2021

Top 5 Best PUBG Mobile Muzzles in 2021

PUBG Mobile has become a phenomenon in the battle royale world for mobile devices. PUBG was the pioneer in inventing the battle royale genre and popularizing it on mobile devices. Likewise, the game offers a multitude of weapons and items that players can use. In this article, we are looking at the 5 Best PUBG Mobile Muzzles in 2021.

Summary5 Best PUBG Mobile Muzzles for Feb 2021Assault Rifle CompensatorAssault Rifle SilencerFlash CacheSniper CompensatorSniper Rifle Suppressor

PUBG Mobile players have a huge selection of weapons with which they can test their aim. Additionally, the guns have a ton of attachments that players can attach to the guns. Likewise, these can bring many improvements to weapons.

These attachments come in various forms. These are the muzzle, stock, foregrip, magazine, etc. Muzzles make a huge difference in gameplay and how players use these weapons.

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5 best PUBG Mobile muzzles for February 2021

Compensator Assault Rifle

Top 5 Best PUBG Mobile Muzzles in 2021

The Assault Rifle Compensator is used to compensate for vertical recoil. Also, vertical recoil is reduced by 10%. Moreover, it also reduces the propagation at a given distance.

This muzzle is used in long range combat where recoil is a major factor.

Assault rifle silencer

Top 5 Best PUBG Mobile Muzzles in 2021

The Suppressor is one of the most common muzzles in the entire BR genre. The suppressor gives an advantage to players who depend on audio and gunshots.

Suppressors allow players to burst or completely pulverize enemies at close range and with minimal noise. However, a disadvantage is that the range is reduced.

Flash Cache

Top 5 Best PUBG Mobile Muzzles in 2021

This accessory completely hides the flash from the muzzle of the weapon. This can make long range fights difficult as the shots will catch the enemy off guard.

Additionally, it reduces vertical and horizontal recoil by 10%.

Sniper Compensator

Top 5 Best PUBG Mobile Muzzles in 2021

The Sniper Compensator reduces vertical recoil and horizontal recoil. In addition, it improves the accuracy of the weapon a little.

It helps to aim and headshot an enemy from a distance.

Sniper Rifle Suppressor

Top 5 Best PUBG Mobile Muzzles in 2021

The Sniper Rifle Supressor helps mask the shot and confuses players which side the shot is coming from. It's a good choice to take to higher levels, where players depend on hit audio.

However, this reduces the range a bit.

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