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Top 5 Best PUBG Mobile Players of 2021

PUBG Mobile is rightly said to be more than just a battle royale game. Time and time again, several players have caught the eye with their outstanding performance in the game. This article will look into the Top 5 PUBG Mobile Players of 2021.

SummaryBest PUBG Mobile Players of 20215) nOOzy 4) Zuxxy 3) Carrilho2) Jonathan1) Paraboy

PUBG Mobile tournaments get a lot of attention from fans as well as critics. Every year, Tencent adds to the previously announced prize pool and with these tournaments, fans can see the extraordinary performances of some players who stand out in terms of game sense, leadership skills or fragging skills. The current year has seen the rise of many talents in the battle royale game and we have mentioned a few of them.

Best PUBG Mobile Players of 2021


Top 5 Best PUBG Mobile Players of 2021

The star player of Team Infinity (Thailand). Sikarin “nOOzy” Nopparat was one of the best PUBG Mobile players of 2021. nOOzy was named the MVP of multiple tournaments as he played a key role in racking up finishes for his team at prestigious tournaments. After being PMPL Thailand Season 4 Champions, the team is currently heading to the PMGC 2021 Grand Finals.

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4) Zuxxy

Luxxy's twin brother, Made Bagas »Zuxxy “Pramudita is an Indonesian player who plays for the Bigetron Red Aliens team, one of the best teams in Indonesia currently. Zuxxy's leadership qualities are praised by his teammates and he was the first player to win Esports Player of the Year at the 2021 Esports Awards. Even though his team failed to qualify for the Grand Finals PMGC 2021, fans kept hope in him for other tournaments. .

3) Carrilho

Top 5 Best PUBG Mobile Players of 2021

The heart and soul of Alpha7 Esports, Lucas' "Carrilho" Miguel is a Brazilian player mainly known for his attacking skills in the game. Carrilho who joined the team in January this year proved to be very beneficial for the team as the Brazilian team maintained their streak of wins through Season 2 of the Americas Championship. Carrilho has received the MVP award several times due to his spectacular performances.

2) Jonathan

Top 5 Best PUBG Mobile Players of 2021

Jonathan” Jude Amaral is considered the best PUBG Mobile player of 2021 from India. Previously a member of TSM FTX, Jonathan and his team finished second in the PUBG Mobile Pro League – South Asia Season 1:Finals Finals. Currently, it is in the list of GodLike and considered to be the best fragger in India. Jonathan has won multiple MVP awards at third-party and official tournaments.

1) Paraboy

Top 5 Best PUBG Mobile Players of 2021

Undoubtedly, Zhu “Paraboy” Bocheng from China remains the best player in PUBG Mobile in 2021. He is part of the highest paid team in the world i.e. Nova Esports. Paraboy was named Mobile Esports Player of the Year at the 2021 Esports Awards. He has won several MVP awards in tournaments including PEL 2021 Season 3. Paraboy will soon be seen at PMGC 2021 Grand Final with other competitors.

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