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Fortnite New Lobby Track in Chapter 3:Free Theme Music for Players

Fortnite New Lobby Track:Fortnite has always been innovative in its endeavors and the new lobby track proves the same. Musical piece, the new track has been officially announced by Fortnite officials and is free, much to the delight of players.

Epic Games' popular free-to-play battle royale has had a close relationship with the musicians, and an unreleased Marshmello track was voted to become the new track. The article describes the Fortnite New Lobby track from Chapter 3 Season 1, which is free for all players.

Fortnite New Lobby Track in Chapter 3:Free Theme Music for Players

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Fortnite New Lobby Track

A game that took the world by storm, propelling streamers to new heights and giving regular players treble hits, it's something that's managed to stay fresh no matter how many hours have passed.

Although it has hosted a significant number of musical events, the title is known for its original soundtracks. "The Melloverse will expand", was released with another fan-voted new soundtrack.

Previously, artists had some of their signature dance moves incorporated into the game as Emotes, like Drake's Toosie Slide. MARSHMELLO seems to have taken this relationship to the next level, releasing a song that only raps about Fornite.

“The Melloverse will expand. Vote for the unreleased Marshmello track you want as a future lobby track! Voting is already open – head over to to choose between two songs from his upcoming album Joytime IV .” Fornite had said earlier.

Fortnite New Lobby Track in Chapter 3:Free Theme Music for Players

In addition to the new track, the Marshmello outfit – along with other items from the classic Marshmello set – will be back in the store starting February 1 at 7 PM ET! Form a Marshmello-y team with Marshmello, Marsha, and MARSHINOBI. Along with music by Marshmello and dance moves by josh3thousand, players can also pull out the Maximum Bounce emote.

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