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More earthquakes in Fortnite This time earthquakes threaten even more vital sections of the game

Fortnite Chapter Three's first season was filled with catastrophic weather and natural disasters, but one of the lesser-known events is now intensifying. For the past few weeks, earthquakes have been causing tremors in Fortnite, signaling the end of the season.

A few structures were sucked into the ground, creating massive craters, throughout this time. As a result, what started out as a small tremor outside of Covert Cavern turned into a map-altering event. Players wait to see which sites will be claimed next as the tremors continue.

More earthquakes in Fortnite This time earthquakes threaten even more vital sections of the game

Two new buildings have been demolished since the last earthquake report in Fortnite on March 7. The red house outside Tilted Towers and the cafe were shaking the day before they disappeared completely from the map, as was another building, according to a YouTuber. .

New locations for the earthquake in Fortnite

EveryDay FN, a YouTube video that posts daily updates on these incidents, tracked these losses. The video below shows the earthquake that hit the yellow house before it moved.

Another place was demolished two days after I shared the video above. The tremors moved closer to the Seven's base after hitting the yellow house. The YouTuber predicted the base would be next to fall, but there was no way to know for sure until it did. As players peered into the massive chasm, the footage they shot dispelled any doubt.

As we can see, Base Seven has disappeared from the map, leaving all of its loot behind. Not only does this enrage the Seven, but it doesn't seem like the end of the earthquakes either. On March 13, tremors tore through the base, and shockwaves spread to Camp Cuddle the following day.

If this earthquake follows the same pattern as the others, any apparent change at Camp Cuddle may take a day or two. It could also pass in front of the monument without causing noticeable alterations, as it did with the yellow hearth and the bone structure.

However, one thing is certain. As Fortnite Chapter Three, Season One draws to a close, it looks like the Imagined Order and the Seven are planning something behind the scenes.