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The best Netflix serial killer documentaries

People have a morbid fascination with the lives of serial killers. Often we want to know the motives of their evil deeds. Also, it is interesting to see how they answer the questions. That is, of course, if they are still alive. Or if they have recorded interviews that still exist.

Contents1. Conversations with a Killer:The Ted Bundy Tapes2. Interview with a serial killer 3. The Confession Killer4. Killer Ratings5. Unabomber – In His Own Words6. In the criminal mind7. The devil next door8. I Am A KillerThe best Netflix documentaries about serial killers

How can you get your next horrible fix? Well, Netflix is ​​a great place to find serial killer documentaries. There's plenty to watch and we've rounded up the best serial killer documentaries. So, without further ado, here are the best serial killer documentaries to watch on Netflix.

1. Conversations with a Killer:The Ted Bundy Tapes

Would you like to get a glimpse into the macabre mind of this murderer? Next, Conversations With a Killer:The Ted Bundy Tapes, will give you a glimpse into Bundy's world. This one is not for the faint of heart. It contains many details of his massacres.

But, perhaps more disturbing is the glorified way Bundy talks about himself and his deeds. This is one of the best Netflix crime documentaries for fans of the serial killer genre.

2. Interview with a serial killer

The best Netflix serial killer documentaries

Another horrible story. Interview with a Serial Killer recounts the crimes of Arthur Shawcross. Also known as the Genesee River Killer, he died in prison in 2008 while serving a 250-year sentence for his crimes. Like The Ted Bundy Tapes, this documentary presents his crimes in disturbing detail.


However, the most gruesome aspect of this documentary is the Shawcross interview. He comes across as the cold-hearted killer that he was, taking great pleasure in discussing his heinous deeds. It's a fantastic documentary that gives real insight into the often brazen way a serial killer will talk about themselves and their crimes.

3. The Confession Killer

This one is a little different from the others on the list. The Confession Killer focuses on the life and crimes of Henry Lee Lucas. Why is it different? Well, after a string of murder arrests, Lucas finally confessed to dozens more. However, it is impossible to say whether he was telling the truth or not. This is all due to the unusual preferential treatment given to him during his detention.

We won't go into too much detail here as it might ruin the series for you, but the clumsy authorities and Lucas' manipulation of circumstances make for a compelling watch. If you enjoy seeing how a sociopath/psychopath can turn situations to their advantage then this is an ideal documentary.

4. Killer ratings

Killer Ratings is a truly heartbreaking tale that highlights what happens when greed takes over. He looks at Wallace Souza, who started out as a Brazilian politician before becoming a cop. From there, he became the host of the true crime television series, Canal Livre.


Whether Souza is a serial killer per se is a matter of conjecture, but he hired a hitman to kill five people to boost his show's ratings. More of a serial killer by proxy, but still a greedy, heartless beast. This is a brilliant series if you like seeing how criminals are often hidden in plain sight.

5. Unabomber – In his own words

It's hard to say if Ted Kaczynski is a serial killer or not. He was more of a "serial bomber." However, it killed three people during its shelling. It meets the criteria of a serial killer, that's for sure.

What's most interesting about this case is how the Unabomber went from a young intellectual – a math teacher, no less – to a cold-hearted bomber. Police finally apprehended him in 1996. The Unabomber is currently serving eight life sentences at ADX Florence for 10 counts of transporting, mailing and using bombs, and three counts of murder .

Unabomber – In His Own Words is a great documentary, with details “straight from the horse’s mouth”.


6. In the criminal mind

Inside the Criminal Mind is a series spread over four 50-minute episodes. Each episode deals with a different form of criminal activity. But the first episode - Serial Killers - is what we're looking for. The episode features expert analysis from professionals.

These range from criminal profilers to psychologists and neurologists. They spare no effort to explain the mind of a serial killer. If you're a fan of true crime documentaries in general, this is a great choice for your watchlist. You can also watch episodes about kidnappings, cult leaders and crime lords like El Chapo.

7. The devil next door

From the producers of the Emmy-winning documentary Wild, Wild Country, tells us the story of Nazi death camp guard “Ivan the Terrible.” There is no doubt that this character will have murdered many people in cold blood during his time as a prison guard. This will earn him the title of "serial killer".

The doubt in The Devil Next Door lies in the fact that Cleveland's grandfather, accused of being Ivan the Terrible, throughout protests his innocence. Whether he did or not is up to you to decide, but it's a great documentary with an intriguing story.


8. I'm a killer

Another series that deals with a range of crimes. I am a killer looks at the lives of death row murderers. Not all are serial killers. However, episode four, “Sympathy for the Devil,” focuses on Miguel Angel Martinez, the youngest inmate to grace Texas death row.

Martinez gives his account first-hand, which makes it interesting because he offers his side of the story. Not that we should sympathize with him. He killed three people and all three murders were related to Satanism. The whole series is worth watching, but it's a really scary episode.

The best Netflix documentaries about serial killers

If you like a good documentary about a serial killer, the options above should be enough to give you several hours of viewing…pleasure? It might not be the right name to use here, but it will definitely fill your day with a brutal frenzy.

Also, one of the good things about Netflix is ​​that it will give you suggestions based on your viewing, so there's a chance you'll find the odd gem that way too.

For utter morbidity, however, Conversation with a Serial Killer:The Ted Bundy Tapes makes for some truly jaw-dropping viewing. The way Bundy tells his story is truly chilling. If you want to share the tension remotely, why not find out how to watch Netflix with distant friends.