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How to watch Hotstar in the USA?

Hostar is a very popular entertainment app in India and United States of America. On Hotstar app, a viewer can watch many reality shows and more. Bollywood movies, Hollywood movies, web series, are all available here.

ContentsWhat is a Hotstar app?Step 1 Download a VPNStep 2 Activate VPNStep 3 Download Hotstar appStep 4 Create a new Hotstar account.Step 5 Enjoy the show!Frequently Asked QuestionsIs Hotstar India content available in the United States? Can I watch Hotstar from the United States? Is there a subscription offer for Hotstar?

Keep reading till the end, and we've got a Hotstar promo code for you. If you follow all instructions carefully, you can watch Hotstar in USA easily. Let's start with the solution.

What is a Hotstar app?

Hotstar is an Indian OTT app that offers lots of shows for free. However, some movies and shows are for paid members only. We're going to tell you all the secrets to streaming on Hotstar, even from the United States!

Step 1 Download a VPN

A VPN is short for Virtual Private Network. This is our main lifeline to access Hotstar. As you know, a VPN will allow you to connect to another IP country. Therefore, we will also use a VPN to connect to the India IP. You can download one of the following VPN apps on your phone or PC:

  • HolaVPN
  • Zen MateVPN
  • NordVPN
  • VyprVPN

Step 2 Enable VPN

Create a free account on the VPN of your choice. But if you have a VPN subscription, you can log in with your ID. Now start a connection with any Indian city IP. For faster speed, you can connect to Delhi or Mumbai server. Once the VPN is connected, you will find the connected symbol in the notifications.

Step 3 Download the Hotstar application

You need to open App Store now and search for Hotstar. Be sure to only download the app after you have connected to the VPN. Otherwise, the method may fail.

Step 4 Create a new Hotstar account.

Once the download is successful, open the Hotstar app. You will need to create a new ID for the method to work. We also have a gift for you! When creating the account, use the Hotstar promo code we gave you. The Hotstar promo code is HOT45. By using this code, you will benefit from a discount of $5.

Step 5 Enjoy the show!

If you used the Hotstar promo code HOT45, your account will be active. With this Hotstar subscription in the US, you can access all the shows. Also, you just need to make sure your VPN is connected to India. This step is very important; otherwise, you cannot watch Hotstar from outside India.

We hope you can now watch unlimited Hotstar content. Check back for more cool tips and tricks!

Frequently asked questions

Is Hotstar India content available in the US?

Not all Hotstar shows are available in the United States. Some of them are available for streaming.

Can I watch Hotstar from the USA?

Yes, you can watch Hotstar from the United States. But for this you need to use a VPN method.

Is there a subscription-offer for Hotstar?

Yes! We mentioned a Hostar subscription offer in this blog. If you use Hotstar promo code HOT45, you get $5 off.