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Gardening:winter is coming!

Gardening:winter is coming!

Winter is coming and brings, with its drop in temperatures, some upheavals. Your plants then need your full attention to survive this cold period. How do you preserve your plants and shrubs in winter? Here are our tips for taking care of your indoor and outdoor plants.

Houseplants:3 tips to follow this winter

Winter is a delicate season for the well-being of indoor plants. The falling temperatures, the great return of heating, the lack of light, etc. So many parameters that can affect the good health of your beloved indoor plants. Here are our tips for taking care of your plants during the winter period:

  • Don't overwater . In winter, the plants go to rest, they "hibernate" in a way. Their water and nutrient needs are therefore lower until the return of fine weather. Continue to water your plants, but in moderation to prevent the roots from soaking too long.
  • Use heating sparingly . Houseplants don't really like heating in the winter, which dries out the air and can make them too hot. For the health of your plants, keep them away from heat sources and opt for moderate heating (ideally no more than 20°). The warmer it is, the more water and light your plants will need.
  • Be sure to expose them to light . In winter, plants are sensitive to lack of light, which is nevertheless an essential element for their survival. Although not all plants have the same needs, make sure they have access to light. You can place them near windows or in the brightest room of your home. Open the shutters and curtains as much as possible during the day.

5 apps to garden like a pro

Apps are a great help to support you in gardening. To learn how to compost and optimize your waste, download the "Super Compost" app. Are you interested in the lunar movements that impact the health of your plants? Opt for the “Lunar Calendar” app. "Groww" is also a very complete app to help you with all your gardening tasks.

How to protect outdoor plants in winter?

Outdoors, plants are directly impacted by the climatic upheavals of winter. Frost, wind and cold represent dangers for the health of your plants and disrupt their development for a few months. How to protect them effectively while waiting for the return of spring? One thing is certain, do not neglect your outdoor plants in winter:they need your full attention at this time.

  • Choose a method of protection . There are different techniques to protect your plants from frost. For example, you can choose mulching, ridging, plastic sheets, newspaper, wintering veil, jute or greenhouses. Each of these methods aims to protect the branches from frosts and the roots from the cold.
  • Tuck in the most delicate plants . Some plants are more sensitive to temperature changes, and will appreciate a short stay indoors. This is the case for potted plants (geraniums, hibiscus, citrus fruits, birds of paradise, etc.) and exotic plants.
  • Prefer terracotta pots , more insulating and porous than plastic pots.
  • Avoid watering when it freezes. Does the weather forecast call for freezing temperatures? Wait a few days before taking out the watering can.

Which plants to choose in winter to flower your exterior?

Which plants bloom in winter? Here are some examples to color your outdoor space during the cold season:snowdrops, pansies, Christmas rose, Camellia or even winter jasmine.

By following these valuable tips, your plants will be protected all winter long to regain their pretty colors as soon as the fine weather arrives.