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What Christmas movies to see (or see again)

What Christmas movies to see (or see again)

Forget about Netflix and your intensive binge-watching sessions ! What could be better at this time than a good Christmas movie? So, prepare something to snack on and a woolen blanket, we have concocted a selection of the best Christmas films for you.

At Christmas, we marvel at...

La La Land , by Damien Chazelle (2016)

An up-and-coming actress and a jazz enthusiast fall in love. However, their thirst for success and fate will gradually separate them. A beautiful and beautifully told love story that comforts in this cold time. Bonus:a decor and soundtrack that make you want to dance.

Mary Poppins by Robert Stevenson (1965)

Relive the incredible adventures of Mary Poppins and the Banks family. This very original nanny takes you and her little ones into a marvelous universe. Halfway between film and cartoon, it is one of the most famous films in the Disney universe.

Robert Zemeckis' Express Pole (2004)

A young boy, who begins to doubt the existence of Santa Claus, is awakened on the night of December 24 by a train that takes him to the North Pole. This fascinating adventure promises delicious family time.

And also: Want more magic? The Nightmare Before Christmas (1994) and Scrooge's Funny Christmas (2009) are animated films that will in turn immerse you in a magical universe.

For incurable romantics:our Christmas romances

Sissi , the trilogy directed by Ernst Marischka (1955-1957)

This trilogy with Romy Schneider will transport you to a world made of princess dresses, period costumes, love stories and palaces:everything reminiscent of fairy tales and inviting to escape.

The Sound of Music , by Robert Wise (1965)

Maria dreams of becoming a nun. But the mother superior wants to test her vocation. She sends her as governess to Mr. von Trapp, widower and father of seven turbulent children. A setting of breathtaking beauty and enchanting melodies:this film is a real cure for good humor for Christmas.

Love Actually , by Richard Curtis (2003)

A story of love, feelings and humor as we love them at Christmas. On this Christmas Eve in London, destinies and loves will intersect and confront each other...

And also: Do you want more ? Complete your list with Young Years of a Queen (1954), Happy New Year (2011) and The Holiday (2006).

Did you know? Christmas movies are good for your health!

A very serious study has proven that watching Christmas movies is good for morale. According to psychologist Jo Gee, it "actually makes us happier […] our brain produces dopamine and oxytocin, hormones that make us feel good, increase our good mood and make us want to be more sociable".[1]

Are you more into adventures? We recommend…

Crystal Trap , by John McTiernan (1988)

John McClane, a police officer from New York, arrives in Los Angeles to spend the Christmas holidays with his family. But a hostage-taking will disrupt this nice plan... Find Bruce Willis, in badass mode , in the role that blew up his career.

Hook or Captain Hook's Revenge , by Steven Spielberg (1992)

Captain Hook has decided to take revenge on the grown-up Peter Pan. One evening, he kidnaps the children of Peter who will have to return to the Imaginary Country to find them. A fairy tale, perfect for the holidays.

The Indiana Jones Saga, by Steven Spielberg (1981-2008)

Follow the thrilling adventures of archaeologist Indiana Jones. His life, punctuated by the search for legendary relics, will lead him in particular to the pursuit of the Grail and the Ark of the Covenant. Special effects, supernatural, twists and turns... Ideal for getting away from it all!

And also: Find The Christmas Adventure (2009) and The Christmas Chronicles (2018) to follow the thrilling adventures of fantastic and moving heroes.

Christmas movies:timeless black and white films

Fans of black and white films are not left out. Here are two classics for Christmas pampering:George Seaton's Miracle on 34th Street (1947); Frank Capra's It's a Wonderful Life (1946).

Ready for a moment of fun? In that case, don't miss…

Santa is garbage , by Jean-Marie Poiré, 1982

On Christmas Eve, volunteers from the SOS Détresse Amitié association are disturbed by the arrival of wacky characters, who cause chain disasters. Cascading laughter guaranteed with one of the best feature films bringing together the Splendid.

Mom, I missed the plane , by Chris Columbus (1990)

Eight-year-old Kevin McCallister enjoys single-handedly living in his home after being forgotten by his parents. But he does not suspect that a danger awaits him. Two burglars planned the burglary of the family home on Christmas Eve. Cult quotes and hilarious stunts, this is a film that reminds us how essential family is during Christmas.

The Toy Race, by Brian Levant (1996)

A hilarious film where we find Arnold Schwarzenegger against the grain as a father who begins a race as crazy as it is desperate for a toy that has become untraceable on Christmas Eve.

And also: Do you want to be entertained by watching other fun movies? Try La Bûche (1999) and Family Spirit (2005), you won't be disappointed!

It's been a long year, you feel tired and want to get together with family or friends, just to recharge your batteries? These must-see classics will transport you to an enchanted world.