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5 tips for great photos

5 tips for great photos

Today, to take beautiful photos, you no longer need to break the bank, a simple smartphone is enough. Framing, exposure, brightness, photo editing... We explain how to enhance your memories with your phone.

Underexpose the photo

In photography, lighting is everything! However, the smartphone does not always manage to adapt the brightness. All you have to do is correct the exposure. This will keep the colors vibrant and avoid photos that are too bright.

On some phones, just touch the screen and swipe down to underexpose an image. For others, you can adjust the exposure in the settings.

Use device modes

Take advantage of the different modes included in your smartphone, such as:

  • HDR mode:the device will capture the same scene several times and recover the best exposed parts of each image to create a final photo;
  • Portrait mode:the smartphone favors shallow depth of field to isolate a face for example;
  • Panoramic mode:Takes inspiring landscape shots. Move your phone from right to left to see a life-size image;
  • Sport mode:the smartphone freezes a movement, such as a jump in a swimming pool, a cyclist, etc.

Vary the perspectives

In order to vary the pleasures, diversify the points of view in relation to your main subject by moving forwards or backwards, from left to right or even from bottom to top. Depending on your position, your photo will be different and unique at the same time, even if your subject is the most banal.

The French and the smartphone

75% of French people own a smartphone[1]. And among them, more than 70% of French people use it to take photos. Why such an interest ? The phone is, in order of importance:practical, simple and connected.[2]

Look for details

Love taking photos of insects, flowers, and all kinds of small subjects? Even with a smartphone, it is possible to immortalize miniature life. To do this, activate the macro mode of your phone. This will automatically adjust the sharpness on objects located very close to the lens.

Play with light

To take great photos, forget the flash and use natural light as much as possible. But beware, it changes during the day. Photo pros recommend capturing two key moments of the day:shortly after sunrise and shortly before sunset. At these times, you should have light effects that will make your photos sublime.

The selfie:3 golden rules to follow

Do you like taking selfies? Here are 3 basic rules for successful portraits:Rule N° 1:choose the right light. Rule n° 2:no more duck face, be natural. Rule #3:Take care of the background.

Applications to take photos worthy of a pro

Do your shots need a few tweaks? Applications are welcome to add filters, retouch photos, change colors...

Edit photos

  • Snapseed:THE reference in this field. The application offers you to crop your photos, adjust the brightness, zoom in on details, insert text with a brush tool;
  • Photoshop:Even if it is less complete than the desktop version, the software does its job well. Cropping, adjusting brightness or colors, editing large photos... The features offer multiple possibilities;
  • VSCO:A photo-sharing social network that's been a hit with Instagrammers. The application has very effective editing tools. You can even make a story and create a collage by superimposing videos and images;
  • Pixlr:allows you to edit your photos endlessly and very quickly thanks to more than 2 million possible combinations of effects.

Send original postcards

Fizzer, SimplyCards and Cewe allow you to personalize your postcards, photo albums, calendars, smartphone cases, announcements or even your wall decoration. Choose the memories you want to immortalize to obtain creations of superb quality.

Turn photos into paintings

Prisma gives you the opportunity to take yourself for an artist during photo editing thanks to Picasso, Mondrian, "Manga", Hokusai effects... The resulting masterpieces can be shared on social networks.

Combine photos into a single visual

PhotoGrid, Mix Photos or Image Combiner help you make collages of your most beautiful photos to create original combinations. You can also merge two images into one. And if you lack inspiration, hundreds of pre-designed templates are available. You have finished ? Share your edits with your friends directly from the apps.

Competition:what is wellness for you?

Take a picture of a landscape or an unforgettable moment that inspires you and send us your creation. What's at stake in this competition? A stay at the futuroscope to have a good time, with friends or family.

It's possible to take great photos with your smartphone! Unleash your creativity and take pictures at will. Maybe you'll discover a new talent as a photographer?

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