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Netflix:why do some series come out suddenly or episode by episode?

You would have probably noticed that some series on Netflix are released in their entirety on their release date and some only offer one new episode per week. But why this choice?

The cool thing about Netflix is ​​that you have options. Make you in one evening the first season of The Witcher and not stop admiring the talent of Henry Cavill or be less binge-watcher and settle for one episode at a time. But it happens that sometimes, the series that we expect the most only offers one episode per week. Why this difference?

All episodes at the same time

Netflix has been the number one legal streaming platform for years. It is also an entertainment production company. For example, the excellent series Lupin with our national Omar Sy is a creation made in Netflix. It is also one of the most watched series in the world.

Just like Squid Game , who is THE phenomenon of this semester and who was a real hit. At the time of their respective release, all episodes were available for you to devour right away.

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One ​​episode per week

But if the creations of Netflix are numerous (You, The Witcher, Stranger Things, Lupine etc), other series were not branded by the American company. Therefore, the diffusion pattern is not the same. Take the Riverdale series , which is a hit on Netflix and which counts 5 seasons that Netflix broadcasts:it does not belong to the streaming platform.

This is The CW channel. which broadcasts the show first and therefore Netflix only offers one episode per week, as the firm declared in December 2019 after many interrogations.

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