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4 reasons why you should watch Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is the smartest, darkest, most original comedy on television right now. If you are still with your eyes open. A short guide for children. [Weird &Wonderful Web]. A short guide for children. [Weird &Wonderful Web]. Netflix and Amazon Prime Instant Video have made children's play their mainstays. mainstream. Before you start binge-watching TV, you need to arm yourself with some important information. This short guide helps. Read older Futurama Despite its cancellation, the episodes consider this to be a more than adequate replacement.

This article explains why you, along with everyone else in the world, should watch Rick and Morty. . This show doesn't have the budget of Game of Thrones or the innate appeal of classic geek TV shows Geek TV:18 Of The Best TV Shows For Geeks Geek TV:18 Of The Best TV Shows For Geeks Countless geek TV shows have been produced over the years , but which are the best? All self-respecting geeks should have already seen? Read More

Rick and Morty is a cartoon series on Adult Swim. Its half-hour episodes follow drunken mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his hapless grandson Morty on adventures of madness through time and space and family dysfunction.

While the concept started out as a loose parody of Back to the Future - with Rick and Morty replacing Doc Brown and Marty McFly, it has become something much more. Rick and Morty is inventive, wacky, and wonderfully dark. And here are just four reasons why you might like it.

1. The scope

One of the best things about Star Trek it's the way his setup (a group of explorers traversing the edges of known space) offered almost unlimited license to explore new strangers worlds New themes and settings. If the writers want to do a plot about a planet populated entirely by robots or clones, they can. If they want to talk about McCarthyism, they can easily make up a situation with obvious parallels. It was this breadth of reach that makes Star Trek so memorable.

Rick and Morty He has this same strength in swords. Rick's almost supernatural genius gives him access to spaceships. What's new about the new space race? What's new in the new space race? It's 2015, and space is cool for the first time in decades. What happened after the moon landing? Where did it all go so wrong? Read more, time machines The best time travel movies of all time The best time travel movies of time travel can make even the most boring movies more interesting. And the best time travel movies are really fascinating segments of cinema. You really should see these movies, either now or in the future. Read More The potential configuration and plotting devices are unlimited.

If the writers want to make a parody of Inception , the universe could easily contain a device that inserts the titular characters into people's dreams. If you want to do a plot about sentient dogs, or shrink rays, or televisions that can pick up channels from other universes, no problem. The program has the license to cheat or outright play with every sci-fi idea you can imagine.

2. The characters

The total, off-the-wall insanity of the show's graphics and settings is based on its basic dynamic:the relationship between the main characters. In general, each episode has two storylines:Rick and Morty's adventure together, and the rest of the family struggling to deal with a secondary crisis, be it sci-fi or personal. This is what gives the show its beating heart, and what keeps you coming back episode after episode.

The characters and their relationships are complex. Morty's parents are dissatisfied with their lives and struggle to save their marriage. Rick's character is genuinely amoral and manipulative:while redemption may be possible, it is far from certain. Morty's older sister Summer is jealous of Rick's bond with Morty, and feels neglected by her self-absorbed parents.

The drama here is often played for laughs, but it can also hit pretty close to home. This feels real, and does a lot to keep the audience engaged, even when plotlines inevitably get out of the way.

3. The animation.

I appreciate that this is a subtle point, but the animation in this show is excellent. La mayoría es bastante simple animación basada en títeres, del tipo popularizado por las caricaturas encontradas en la Web Rise Of the SWF:Animaciones en Flash que te harán sentir viejo [Stuff to Watch] Rise Of the SWF:Animaciones en Flash que te harán Feel Old [Stuff to Watch] ¿Recuerdas cuando una empresa llamada Macromedia presentó su rico complemento web, Flash? En aquel entonces, Flash era una nueva perspectiva emocionante. Introdujo la capacidad de animar, usando fotograma a fotograma y usando interpolación de movimiento, agregar sonido,… Leer más. Sin embargo, al menos una vez en un episodio, el programa aprovecha la oportunidad para descubrir algunas bromas de animación realmente ridículas y elaboradas, y los resultados suelen ser divertidos..

Incluso en los segmentos mundanos, hay un montón de pequeños toques maravillosos, algo que se muestra en su Los Simpsons -gag de sofá de estilo. Si bien esto no supondrá una gran diferencia para la mayoría de los espectadores, es bueno ver que la animación en 2D se utiliza en todo su potencial para la comedia física..

4. La escritura

Rick y Morty es la creación de Dan Harmon, el corredor de espectáculos de Comunidad , y Justin Roilland, un actor de voz en Tiempo de Aventura y muchos otros espectáculos. Muchos de los escritores y actores del programa provienen de un fondo de improvisación, y esto se refleja en el programa. El diálogo para los personajes tiene una sensación de tropiezo, sin pulir, y muchos de los chistes se improvisan en el estudio..

El espectáculo se basa mucho en el humor absurdo. Se siente mucho como Tiempo de Aventura en ese sentido, aunque es mucho más oscuro que ese espectáculo. Rick y Morty Además, al hablar de la clase de desesperación existencial con la que todos se encuentran lidiando de vez en cuando, obtiene mucho kilometraje. Los mejores chistes del programa son los que refuerzan su humanidad, y muchos de los episodios más divertidos también son conmovedores sin sentido..

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Rick y Morty es uno de los programas de televisión más divertidos que he visto personalmente, y usted también debería verlo. Puedes ver los viejos episodios en DVD o por medio de Google Play [Ya no está disponible], y puedes ver los nuevos episodios los domingos a las 11:30 EST en Adult Swim.

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