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How to review podcasts in iTunes (and why you should)

Want to support your favorite podcast, but don't have the spare cash to send them some coffee and cake money, return their Patreon, or buy some merch?

Ranking and reviewing your favorite podcast on iTunes will almost certainly help them. Here's why and how to leave a podcast review on iTunes and other podcast aggregators.

Why should I support Podcasts with comments

Most podcasters do their shows as a hobby. Those lucky enough to make money from podcasting do so because the show is part of a large media group or website, has a generous sponsor, or benefits from monetary support from listeners.

This could be in the form of small contributions from listeners via PayPal, or perhaps through a Patreon subscription. Many podcasters enjoy success with Patreon How to Launch a Successful Patreon Page How to Launch a Successful Patreon Page In this article, we'll help you set up your Patreon page and give you some tips to help you be successful. Read More

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If your favorite podcast doesn't use Patreon, doesn't have a donate button, and isn't supported by ads or a big media company, what can you do? Well, if there's a podcast you really love, simply leaving a comment can make an impact, and maybe bring in new repeat listeners.

While the idea of ​​leaving a review may be new to you, it's simple once you know how to get started. Although many podcast aggregators don't support reviews, Apple's iTunes Podcasts app and rival Stitcher service do.

How to Check iTunes Podcasts on iPhone/iPad

You may think that the way to check out podcasts on iOS devices like iPhone and iPad is through iTunes. In fact, you need to use the Podcasts app.

It has a purple icon and should be on the first or second screen of your iOS device. Open the app, find the search tool, and enter the name of the podcast you want to review.

How to review podcasts in iTunes (and why you should) How to review podcasts in iTunes (and why you should)

You'll see the podcast logo (as an album image), so tap this, then Reviews> Write a review . Enter your iTunes password when prompted, then leave a star rating, review, and title. Tap Send , and you are ready.

Before writing a review, it might be worth looking at other reviews from other listeners. This can be useful for finding well-regarded episodes of the podcast that you've missed so far.

(Be careful when expanding a previous review on the iPad, as there is no way to get out of view other than closing the Podcasts app and starting over.)

How to Check iTunes Podcasts on Windows / Mac

On Windows or macOS, you can use the standard iTunes app to leave a podcast review.

Start by clicking the dropdown menu to select Podcasts, then use the search box in the top right to find the podcast you're reviewing. Search results will typically display a list of recent shows from that podcast; scroll down until you find the large logo for the podcast.

How to review podcasts in iTunes (and why you should)

Click here for details about the podcast, and you'll see the Ratings and Reviews button. (It's possible to just leave a star rating on the Details screen, if you prefer to keep it quick.)

On the Ratings &Reviews screen, select a star rating under Click to rate Title, then leave a comment. Don't forget to include a title to summarize your thoughts (hopefully something that will encourage others to subscribe).

When you're done, hit Send; You may be prompted to sign in again. When Approved (Because Fake Reviews Spotted How To Spot Fake Reviews On Amazon How To Spot Fake Reviews On Amazon Don't rely on that review or 5-star rating on Amazon to make a decision about a product. The only way to find a real la review is learning how to spot these fakes Read More

How to review podcasts in Stitcher

If you don't use Apple products, you're pretty limited in how you can review podcasts. One place that does collect reviews, however, is Stitcher, a podcast aggregator that offers in-car and mobile podcast apps.

To use the Stitcher review system, go to the website and log in. You can use an existing Google or Facebook account, or just create a new account.

How to review podcasts in iTunes (and why you should)

Once authenticated, find the podcast you want to review, then select it. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Write a review . Here, set a rating, give your review a title, and then enter your feedback.

Click Post Review when you're done, and once approved, the review will be added to the podcast show page.

Unfortunately, you currently can't leave feedback with the Stitcher mobile app.

Other podcast libraries with comments and ratings

iTunes and Stitcher aren't the only places you can rate podcasts. While review options are limited, almost all podcast apps on all platforms allow you to leave a star rating or add a like. Various Android Podcast Players Top 8 Android Podcast Players Top 8 Android Podcast Players Want to listen to podcasts on your Android phone or tablet? Let us show you which apps to use. Read More

The result may be quite different from leaving a review on iTunes, but it nonetheless gives producers the encouragement they need.

However, as podcasts become more mainstream, this is likely to evolve. For example, you can easily share your appreciation of a podcast on social media by sending a message to the producers and sharing a link to the show.

Meanwhile, other services are slowly moving into Apple territory. Rumors about Spotify starting a podcast rating system have been around for months. If this were introduced, it would probably change the world of podcasting overnight.

Similarly, if Amazon adds podcasts to its media library, things could end up being very different.

Whatever the future holds, remember that Apple currently holds all the aces. So take the time to back up your favorite shows with a few kind words in iTunes or the Podcasts app.

Support the Podcasts you love!

It's a great idea to support your favorite podcast with a rating or a few words of encouragement for other potential subscribers.

No one knows whether admitting a podcast with a review or rating will improve its position on the iTunes chart. Apple isn't saying, but there's enough evidence from podcasters to suggest it probably helps.

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