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7 Music Genres Every Gamer Should Love

Video game music has evolved from simple sound sets to full-scale orchestral soundtracks. In fact, it has become so diverse that many people enjoy listening to game music for studying The 20 Best Video Game Soundtracks for Studying or Relaxing The 20 Best Video Game Soundtracks for Studying or Relaxing Video game music is designed to promote the focus with a nice background tracks If you need some music to study or relax, look no further. Read more.

While listening to original game soundtracks 10 Great Retro Game Soundtracks To Listen To While You Work 10 Great Retro Game Soundtracks To Listen To While You Work Some games can be instantly forgotten. Those that aren't invariably feature an excellent soundtrack. Read More Today we want to highlight various music genres that all true gamers should love.

1. Synthwave

Synthwave, also known as retrowave or outrun, is a type of electronic music that sounds straight out of the '80s 4 Everyday Things That Were Insanely Nerdy In The 80s 4 Everyday Things That Were Insanely Nerdy In The 80s Instant Messaging Let's Play Videos And let's use Technology was everywhere in the '80s, they just weren't considered cool. Read more . Think about music to set the scene of a tough guy in a leather jacket getting into his fiery red sports car as the city gazes down in neon lights.

It's typically instrumental, featuring retro '80s themes like cheesy action and sci-fi in its artwork and track names. Expect to hear lots of synths and electronic basses.

Many gamers were introduced to synthwave thanks to 2013's Far Cry 3:Blood Dragon . The entire game is a parody of 1980s action movies, from its characters to the synthwave soundtrack. But even if you missed the game, synthwave is a great genre for gamers thanks to its radio influences and electronic beats.

Sample Artists: Lazerhawk, Miami Nights 1984, Mitch Murder, Waveshaper, Wolf and Raven

2. J-Pop

Simply put, J-pop is Japanese pop music. Thanks to the Internet attracting more Western interest in Japanese culture through media such as anime Top 7 Anime Movies You Can Watch On Netflix Top 7 Anime Movies You Can Watch On Netflix Netflix offers a number of anime movies full length anime for streaming, some of them are quite good. Here are the hottest ones you can see right now... Read More J-pop is generally fast, has rock elements, and may even contain some English lyrics.

If you've played a lot of games developed in Japan, chances are you've come across a soundtrack made up of at least a little bit of J-pop. The Dance dance revolution The series contains many high-energy songs from this genre. You'll also hear J-pop inspired songs on The World Ends With You and the Bayonetta series.

Sample Artists: AKB48, Arashi, Hey! Tell! SALTO, Momoiro Clover Z, Stereopony

3. chiptune

Just because the first video game soundtracks were primitive doesn't mean we've abandoned them. Chiptune, or 8-bit music, is a genre made up of simple computerized blips and blops. On retro consoles like the NES NES Mini:Everything You Need to Know NES Mini:Everything You Need to Know Nintendo has released a retro replica of its popular Nintendo Entertainment System! Should you buy it? Here are the pros and cons of this "new" mini console! Read More and Game Boy, these basic soundtracks came about due to hardware limitations. Today many composers create chiptune music inspired by these classic games, but without restrictions.

Many of the now legendary tunes got their start in the form of a chiptune. Make your ringtone awesome with retro video game sounds Make your ringtone awesome with retro video game sounds. . Why not use classic video game music with an amazing new ringtone? Read more . The main themes of Zelda and Mario , various stages of Mega Man , and the Pokemon battle theme all started in modest 8 bit. Many recent indie games, such as Shovel Knight and VVVVVV , feature modern chiptune music.

Sample Artists: Bit Shifter, Goto80, Rushjet1, SpellingPhailer, Xinon

4. Djent

Next is something a bit heavier. Djent, an onomatopoeia, is a subset of mainstream progressive/heavy metal. It is notable for muted distorted guitar sounds.

Often (but not always) instrumental, djent music generally contains many complicated riffs and long solos. Bands often use seven or eight string guitars for a unique sound.

The soundtrack in your face to Condemn (2016) is a recent example of djent video game music. While some classify it as industrial metal, there's no denying that its angry guitar and complex melodies fit quite well as djent. Its intensity makes it a great genre of music to listen to when you exercise.

Sample Artists: Animals as Leaders, Chimpanzee Key, Intervals, Polarization, Climb the Summit

5. Gregorian chant / Plainchante

You might not think that such an archaic genre of music would appeal to video game fans. Gregorian chant, a form of plainchante, is a type of monophonic song that originated in the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages. In its traditional form, Gregorian chant is simple, without music, and sung in free rhythm.

However, video games have used singing to great effect. In particular, the halo The series features a Gregorian chant-like melody on its title screens. Zelda:Ocarina of Time. 'Temple of Time' has singing music inside, and the music of Dark Souls The series also includes chants. Even for people unfamiliar with the genre, there's something quite beautiful about it.

Sample Artists: Check out the Spotify artist below for a ton of Gregorian chant:

6. acid-jazz

Do you find traditional jazz a bit boring? Then acid jazz may be for you. It takes elements of regular jazz and spices them up with hints of soul, funk and groove. But thanks to electronic music becoming more popular, acid jazz isn't as well known these days.

Recently, acid jazz was featured in the phenomenal Persona 5 soundtrack. Help set the scene for both the Tokyo version of the game and fighting in the wild dungeons. This genre makes it fun to listen to anywhere, and can add some groove to any situation.

Sample Artists: The new Heavies brand, The Groove, Incognito, James Taylor Quartet, Jamiroquai

7. Chillstep

La mayoría de la gente está familiarizada con el dubstep, el género muy popular de la música electrónica caracterizada por el bajo pesado. Chillstep marca esto de nuevo un poco con bajos graves, ritmos lentos y un tono general suave. Mientras que el dubstep puede convertirse rápidamente en una rejilla, el escalofrío produce un gran ruido de fondo.

El reciente título indie de Metroidvania. Axiom Verge Presenta algunas pistas ligeramente conectadas al género. Si bien es difícil señalar algunas series de videojuegos en particular conocidas por la música chillstep, este género podría servir fácilmente como música de fondo genérica para una variedad de juegos Cómo encontrar la música perfecta para escuchar Mientras se juega Cómo encontrar la música perfecta para escuchar to While Gaming Los videojuegos ahora se consideran una forma de arte, y sus pistas de sonido son un elemento importante. Sin embargo, a veces necesitas escuchar algo más mientras juegas, que es donde Spotify entra en su lugar. Read more . A menos que desprecies las melodías electrónicas, deberías disfrutar el chillstep.

Artistas de muestra: CMA, Lookz, Mapps, Sappheiros, Wayr

¿Cuál es tu género musical favorito de un juego??

Hemos echado un vistazo a varios géneros de música que tienen alguna conexión con los videojuegos. Probablemente no escuchará esto en la radio, pero cada uno ofrece una gran biblioteca de música para disfrutar. Si quieres más música similar a la que has escuchado en un juego o simplemente te preguntas qué tipo de música hay por ahí 7+ Formas fáciles de descubrir nueva música que te encantarán 7+ Formas fáciles de descubrir nueva música que te encantarán La profundidad y La amplitud de la música que se descubrirá en estos días es alucinante. El problema es saber dónde mirar. Estamos aquí para ayudarlo con una increíble lista de recursos solo para usted. Lea más, esperamos que haya encontrado al menos un nuevo género musical que valga la pena explorar.

Si te gusta la música de los videojuegos, trata de escuchar la música del juego. Radio del juego. Música del juego:El ruido de fondo perfecto para los geeks. Radio de la música del juego:El ruido de fondo perfecto para los geeks. copas. ¡Las siete estaciones transmiten toda la música de videojuegos que podrías desear! Leer más para encontrar un montón de nuevas canciones.

¿Conocías alguno de estos géneros musicales? ¿Cuál de los que presentamos despierta más interés??