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Did you know you can search within a YouTube video?

If you ever find yourself scrolling through a YouTube timeline trying to find the exact moment of a punchline or a specific part of a tutorial, it can be time-consuming and dazed. But if you're a Chrome user, you can install a Chrome extension that takes all the work out of the process.

How to search within a YouTube video

The InVideo Chrome extension, which only works with the new version of YouTube, makes it easy to find the exact spot in any video with a simple search function:

  1. Navigate to the YouTube video you want to search for.
  2. You should now see a green Open InVideo button directly below the video.
    Did you know you can search within a YouTube video?
  3. Click the button and a search field will open to the right of the video. Type your search terms and click Search .
  4. You should see a list of cases where the term was used. Just click that button, and the video will jump to that timestamp where your search term appears.

Did you know you can search within a YouTube video?

You can also extract the keywords from the video, which will appear as a word cloud, but for some reason these don't seem to be the most commonly used terms in the video.

The extension appears to use YouTube's closed captioning. 7 Best Tools to Manage Subtitles/CC on YouTube. 7 Best Tools to Manage Subtitles/CC on YouTube. Subtitles allow you to view content that you might not otherwise understand. YouTube subtitles help you better process what is being shown. We look at the most popular tools for dealing with subtitles on YouTube. Read the More function to extract the text, so any small inaccuracies will be the result of that function's own limitations.

You will find this to be an even bigger problem when it comes to videos that are not in English. The auto-generated subtitles in French, for example, seem to be riddled with bugs, while the extension doesn't support languages ​​that don't use the Latin alphabet.

Do you find this extension useful? What scenarios do you find yourself wanting to find a specific place in a video? Let us know in the comments.