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Call Of Duty Warzone:Everything You Need To Know About The MOAB Pack

Call of Duty Warzone is ready to welcome new content in Season 3 Reloaded. There are a lot of leaks about what's coming to the game after a week. One of the main includes skins inspired by Rambo and McClane. Hollywood heavyweight fighters will soon enter the combat zone and players are excited about it.

The MOAB or Mother of All Bundles is finally coming to the game. Here we will discuss everything you need to know about the MOAB bundle in warzone.

MOAB Call Of Duty Warzone Bundle

Call Of Duty Warzone:Everything You Need To Know About The MOAB Pack

While we don't know the release date for this bundle, the price was visible to anyone who took a look at the brief leak. The price of this monstrous bundle is 10,000 CoD Points. While gamers are well aware that Activision releases overpriced items in the store, this exceeds any limits we've seen before. At this price, that means something special is in store.

While users think the nearly $100 price tag would mean the bundle comes with every past Battle Pass unlock, that might not be the case. Instead, the high price only contains two items.

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According to CODTracker, the MOAB has been in the Warzone files since 2019. And while players think the Warzone bundle will get them the exclusive Roze skin, that's not the case. What the MOAB actually contains is the entire Modern Warfare Season 1 Battle Pass. In the bundle, players can unlock the game's first Battle Pass, as well as 100 level skips.

It looks like Activision is planning to give those who don't want to spend hours an easy way to unlock all of a season's content. Of course, players can still pay to skip levels, but purchasing this pack at launch would result in significant savings.

The release of this article would certainly not help the reputation of the company. After all, Activision is already accused of ignoring COD Warzone players to sell in-game purchases. That wouldn't be a good idea for the publisher right now. In terms of new in-store purchases. However, two iconic action heroes from the 80s are also coming to the cod warzone with a pack of moab in the warzone as well.

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