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Skyesports announces the return of LAN events with BGMI, Free Fire and other games in the 2022 roadmap

Over the past year, Skyesports has set a benchmark in the Indian esports industry. After a record-breaking 2021, the esports company has drawn the curtains on the roadmap for the current year. Tournaments for BGMI, Free Fire, and other IPs are set to return along with a return to LAN events. The prize pools have also been significantly increased.

SummarySkyesports 2022 roadmap includes BGMI, Free Fire and other games 1) February – March (Skyesports Grand Slam 2022 S1)2) March – April (Skyesports Pro League)3) April – May (Skyesports League 2022)4) August – October (Skyesports 4.0 Championship)5) September – October (Real Cricket Championship 2022)6) October (Skyesports Grand Slam 2022 S2)Sept) November – December (Skyesports Mobile Open)

Skyesports is a homegrown eSports organization in India that is on its way to becoming one of the leading eSports organizations in South Asia. With the recent push towards the growth of eSports, Skyesports has successfully hosted various online and offline tournaments for games such as BGMI, Free Fire, and Valorant. As mentioned in the Skyesports 2022 roadmap, it is set to return with LAN events with huge prize pools.

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Skyesports 2022 roadmap includes BGMI, Free Fire, and other games

Skyesports announces the return of LAN events with BGMI, Free Fire and other games in the 2022 roadmap

Skyesports has always had a diverse portfolio of games included in its IPs. The company will continue this trend in 2022 and hold tournaments for multiple games including VALORANT, BGMI, League of Legends, Free Fire, Hearthstone, FIFA, Real Cricket, Supercell, etc. There will be something for every gamer by the Chennai-based company.

On top of that, Skyesports will also be working with game developers to host multiple proprietary tournaments throughout the year. This association displays the faith of game developers in the company and its influence across India. After expanding to South Asia in 2021, Skyesports will set foot in even more regions this year.

However, this does not mean a reduction in competitions at the basic level, as they will continue at the same frequency as in the past. After unveiling the Skyesports 2022 roadmap with renowned games such as BGMI and Free Fire, Skyesports CEO Shiva Nandy commented-

“I would like to thank the community for putting their faith in us throughout the past year as over 280,000 gamersregistered across different tournaments. We couldn't be more excited to share the roadmap for 2022 as we look forward to another remarkable year for Skyesports. The stakes are getting significantly higher with prize pools being increased across the board and a return to LAN events. We will also be setting our foot into more regions as Skyesports continues to set a benchmark for the esports industry."

Here is the roadmap for 2022. In addition to these, Skyesports will also be hosting local level tournaments for games like BGMI and Free Fire, and first party events.

1) February – March (Skyesports Grand Slam 2022 S1)

The Skyesports Grand Slam takes place in February and March with an open format. It has a prize pool of $40,000 split evenly between VALORANT and BGMI.

2) march – april (Skyesports Pro League)

The Skyesports Pro League will take place in March and April. He will have $20,000 on the line split between Free Fire, VALORANT, League of Legends and Dota 2.

3) April – May (Skyesports League 2022)

The Skyesports League, which is a premier league based in the city, will return this summer. It will feature a player auction and is expected to be one of the biggest competitions of the year with a total prize pool of Rs. 1.5 crore. This will be a LAN event.

4) August – October (Skyesports 4.0 Championship)

Skyesports announces the return of LAN events with BGMI, Free Fire and other games in the 2022 roadmap

The fan-favorite contest will continue its tradition of providing #PathtoPro with its 4th edition this year. With Rs. 1 crore up for grabs and multiple games, it will also be a big event with a LAN final.

5) September – October (Real Cricket Championship 2022)

India's favorite cricket game will have an esports event of Rs. 50 lakhs later this year for budding gamers to succeed.

October 6 (Skyesports Grand Slam 2022 S2)

The Skyesports Grand Slam will return in October for its second season of the year.

sept) November – December (Skyesports Mobile Open)

After a successful first edition at the end of 2021, the mobile game tournament returns to close the year. With several mobile games set to be included this year as well, it's time for mobile gamers to hone their skills.

The Skyesports Tri-Series, which was announced last year as a LAN event for VALORANT in Dubai, has been delayed. It will also happen later this year. An exciting announcement is expected after VCT Stage 1 later this year. Fans can follow Skyesports Grips Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more information.