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Free virtual music festivals are coming to Twitch

We live in a time when most in-person events are cancelled. Many of us search online for our entertainment solution.

In an effort to get our attention, Twitch has teamed up with hip-hop festival Rolling Loud to stream three exclusive virtual music festivals.

Rolling Loud music festival is coming to Twitch

Rolling Loud is an annual hip-hop festival that began in 2015. Performances have taken place in US cities such as Miami, Oakland and Los Angeles, and more recently in global locations such as Australia and Portugal.

Some big artists have made headlines, including Future, J. Cole and Travis Scott. If you are a fan of hip-hop, Rolling Loud is the festival for you.

A festival was supposed to take place in May 2020, but was delayed until February 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. As such, Rolling Loud has thought about how to bridge that gap.

The solution is a partnership with Twitch. The live streaming service will host three exclusive virtual festivals, which will see music stars perform live for five hours.

The first festival, dubbed the "Loud Stream", is set to air on Twitch on September 12-13. The lineup has not yet been announced, but we hope to be able to expect some featured artists.

According to Rolling Loud co-founder Tariq Cherif, these artists will take time during each set to interact with the virtual audience and chat.

Rolling Loud Streams Daily on Twitch

In addition to live festivals, Rolling Loud streams every day of the week on its Twitch channel.

Each day will bring a different spectacle. For example, "Loud Gaming" on Monday will see musicians take on professional gamers, and "The Leak" on Thursday will feature music from rising hip-hop stars.

Anyone can be a star on Twitch

The partnership with Rolling Loud is Twitch's latest move in the music industry. It comes after the company signed rapper Logic to an exclusive game streaming deal.

Of course, it's not just well-known names that can live stream on Twitch. Anyone can build an audience and try to make a living from Twitch.

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Free virtual music festivals are coming to Twitch