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12 Science TV Shows to Watch on Netflix

Netflix viewers love science. At least that's the message from the streaming video giant. It recently announced two new science-based shows, both featuring genre heavyweights. But you don't have to wait until these new programs arrive to get your science fix!

Bill Nye, the science guy, is returning to television with a Netflix original. 13 New Netflix Originals You'll Watch In 2016 to be Netflix's most exciting year yet. Read more soon. Nye is perhaps the most famous popular scientist on modern television, which is why Bill Nye saves the world It will be a show not to be missed..

Meanwhile, the Mythbusters M7 Build Team will host their own show, titled The White Rabbit Project . By the way, the original Mythbusters team gave one of the best Reddit AMAs of all time The Best Reddit AMA of all time [Weird and wonderful web] The Best Reddit AMA of all time [Weird and wonderful web] Under the IAmA Subreddit, find informal interviews with all kinds of interesting people. These are some of the best AMAs online. Read More

If this has whetted your appetite, don't worry. Even before these new shows have arrived, Netflix has some delicious scientific snacks waiting to be binge-watched.

1. Bill Nye, the science guy

There's no better way to celebrate Bill Nye's return to television than to watch his classic TV show. Netflix has all 100 episodes of The Science Guy Waiting for you.

Nye is what we wish every teacher was. Friendly, funny, patient, energetic, enthusiastic, and an incredible ability to connect with students of any age. It doesn't matter if you are five, 15 or 50 years old, you will learn something new in every episode you watch. There is no one better in this field, and I mean no one.

Nye has already entered the digital age as one of the best scientists to follow on Twitter. Tweet Knowledge to the Masses:8 Popular Scientists on Twitter Tweet. Knowledge to the Masses:8 Popular Scientists on Twitter When you think of scientists, you wouldn't necessarily think of Twitter as their primary means of communication with the world at large. And that assumption would be somewhat correct. However, there is a healthy number of... Read More And now he is also the best scientist to watch on Netflix..

2. cosmos

The only science presenter who can get close to Nye is astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson. Do you know what sets it apart from the rest? His childlike enthusiasm and excitement for space and the mysteries of the great beyond..

You can see Tyson's eyes sparkle when he starts talking about any topic. He knows how to simplify to keep his audience captivated. He knows how much knowledge to provide without it becoming overwhelming. And he knows when to add some humor to lighten the mood. All this makes Cosmos one of the best space documentaries of all time Watch this space:10 documentaries you must see about the universe Watch this space:10 documentaries you must see about the space of the universe, the last frontier. These are the best documentaries about the Universe that have been made. They may not be as exciting as Star Trek, but they are certainly more educational. Read more.

From Tyson Cosmos It was inspired by the Carl Sagan original. Cosmos Serie. Unfortunately, Netflix no longer hosts the original. But you can still see the original. Cosmos on Youtube.

3. Edge of the Universe

Tyson tries to make astrophysics fun and educational. Edge of the universe It's for science nerds who know their basics, and now want to know more.

12 Science TV Shows to Watch on Netflix

This three-part series features scientists exploring one aspect of the cosmos in each episode. First, they address the question of extraterrestrial life and habitable Earth-like planets. Next, they look at asteroids and comets and how they formed Earth. Finally, they look at the beginning of the universe and how huge it is today.

If you've ever wondered about everything beyond Earth, this is what you need to see. It is a completely new way of seeing and exploring the universe. 5 fascinating places to see and explore the universe. 5 fascinating places to see and explore the universe. If you love star gazing and beautiful galaxy pictures, the internet has a lot to offer. . Let's learn more about the universe. Read more.

4-6. David Attenborough's classics

Sir David Attenborough is perhaps the greatest presenter in the history of television or radio. And he is, without a doubt, the greatest in the genre of nature and wildlife ..

Netflix has three of the best documentary series available for streaming. Choose any one, have a drink and get ready to go on an adventure..

  • Planet Earth - The greatest nature documentary ever made for television. 11 incredible episodes. Enough talk.
  • The blue planet - About 71 percent of the Earth is water. And Sir Attenborough dives deep in this eight-part series. There are creatures here that you have never seen before..
  • Life - This is Sir Attenborough's best documentary series. No, it's probably the best documentary series about life on this planet ever made. You can't not love this.

7. Hidden Realms

If you want to watch a short series that doesn't require watching long seasons, Hidden Kingdoms it may be the perfect fit. That's because there are only three episodes, each an hour long, and narrated by the inimitable Stephen Fry.

The show is an ode to small creatures that often don't get the same attention as predators like lions or herbivores like elephants. You'll see squirrels, dung beetles, the African sengi, and the tree shrew, among others. The world of each small animal is shown from its perspective. While large animals welcome heavy rain, it threatens to wash away a small animal's home in a matter of seconds.

In a sense, Hidden Kingdoms It is the story of David and Goliath in the animal kingdom. And it is said from David's perspective, which is not something you see every day..

8. Mind games

The only reason to tune in to the National Geographic Channel regularly is Mind Games . If you don't have a NatGeo subscription, Netflix will take care of it for you.

Mind games explores how the human mind is capable of deceiving itself and others. The greatest achievement of the show is how it engages the viewers and the public. Often you will be asked to participate in illusion or deception of the mind. It is one of the best TV shows that teach science. Beats Fiction:The Best Science Teaching TV Shows. Beats Fiction:The Best Science Teaching TV Shows. The next time you turn on your TV, watch these real science shows. You will not regret. Read more.

Part of the magic is Jason Silva, a fantastic host who plays both victim and expert as the situation demands. But Mind games not great for binge watching. Instead, I recommend watching one or two episodes at a time.

9. The history of mathematics.

Just as Tyson makes the universe fun and accessible, Marcus du Sautoy makes math entertaining. He is a professor of mathematics at Oxford, but there is nothing professorial about his attitude on camera..

12 Science TV Shows to Watch on Netflix

The four-part series is a journey through the history of mathematics. But it is told from the sense of world history, charting its course from ancient Egypt and Greece to China and India, back west to Europe during the Renaissance.

It is absolutely fascinating to realize how much civilization is based on the development of numbers. In case you get inspired by the series, check out these 20 Sites To Learn Math Step By Step The 20 Websites You Need To Learn Math Step By Step The 20 Websites You Need To Learn Math Step By Step We've rounded up the best sites for each level, so you can learn systematically, gain a better understanding of math one level at a time, and have fun. Read more.

10. Cybercrime with Ben Hammersley [No Longer Available]

Cybercrime is not a joke. From identity theft to Windows support scam, technologist Ben Hammersley explains how cybercriminals work and what you can do to avoid becoming a victim.

Hammersley takes on a variety of themes. Take a deep dive into the Hidden Web Journey into The Hidden Web:A Guide for New Investigators The Hidden Web Journey:A Guide for New Investigators This manual will take you on a tour of the many levels of the Deep Web:data and information available in academic journals. Finally, we will arrive at the gates of Tor. Read More Find out how Bitcoin affects crime in the real world Cybercrime Goes Offline:The Role Of Bitcoins In Ransomware And Extortion Cybercrime Goes Offline:The Role Of Bitcoins In Ransomware And Extortion Read more. In case after case, Hammersley expertly exposes a real face and a real loss to virtual attacks.

Even if he's already knowledgeable about technology security, he'll learn some new things in this six-part series.

11. The bionic vet

Veterinary surgeon Noel Fitzpatrick is now more famous as The Supervisor , on his new TV show. But before that, he did a little series called The Bionic Vet . Animal lovers will enjoy this.

Fitzpatrick confronts cats and dogs with extremely difficult problems and comes up with novel solutions. Instead of putting them down, Fitzpatrick attempts to cure them without compromising their quality of life. For example, the first episode has him performing the first surgery to give a cat two new bionic hind legs.

There's something about Fitzpatrick's demeanor throughout the show that makes him even more watchable. He is calm, confident, and explains every step of what he is doing and why he is doing it. Fitzpatrick says that he considers himself a defender of animals, and it is evident.

12. Conspiracies

Put on your tin foil hat and have some fun with this one. The first conspiracy of Conspiracy is if it is called Conspiracy or Conspiracies . Because as the title says. Conspiracy , the show's featured image and Wikipedia page say. Conspiracies .

12 Science TV Shows to Watch on Netflix

Now we all know the internet is full of websites exploring conspiracy theories 8 Weirdest Conspiracy Theory Websites On The Planet data verification exist? Yet there is such an abundance of crazy and under-researched conspiracy garbage sites? I've decided to share some of my best picks... Read More But you don't want to go tracking them, since you value your sanity too much. Instead, let this 13-episode series show you some of the most popular conspiracy theories on different topics.

Each episode addresses a theme. Like rock'n'roll, for example, which has various conspiracy theories, such as the rumor of Paul McCartney's untimely death, Paul Is Dead:How The Internet Powered The Beatles Conspiracy Theory Paul Is Dead:How The Internet Fueled a The Beatles Conspiracy Theory Did Paul McCartney, legendary musician and member of The Beatles, really die in 1966 only to be replaced by a look-alike? Probably not, but the "Paul is dead" conspiracy theory just refuses to die. Read more . However, it is not just about the theories themselves. Science is at its best when it questions every aspect of a "fact," and that's what this show will have you doing.

What science TV shows did we miss?

To begin with, if I had to choose one of these shows, I would recommend one of the three Sir David Attenborough series. Those are, without a doubt, the best cinematic experiences mentioned above. However, the others on the list make for great viewing in their own right, so you really should add them to your Netflix list to be entertained and educated at the same time.

Looking for more science shows? Look no further than these 10 YouTube channels packed with wacky science experiments.

That said, if you're reading this, you must enjoy watching other science shows or documentaries on Netflix. So tell us, which ones did we lose? We'd love to hear your personal recommendations in the comments below.