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The best interactive Netflix shows to watch right now

Did you know that Netflix offers interactive shows and movies? These interactive Netflix shows play out like other titles, except you can impact the story.

Contents1. Stretch Armstrong:The Escape2. Carmen Sandiego:to steal or not to steal3. Black mirror:Bandersnatch4. Minecraft:story mode5. You versus Wild6. Buddy Thunderstruck:The stack maybe7. Captain Underpants Epic Choice-o-Rama8. The Cat in the Book:Trapped in an Epic Tale9. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt:Kimmy vs. the ReverendExperiment with the best Netflix interactive shows

Watch these specials as usual until you are asked to choose between different choices. Then select the choice in an on-screen prompt and see the story progress. Different choices lead to different outcomes, so you'll want to go back and make different choices to see how the story unfolds.

If you're ready to give it a try, check out our list of the best interactive Netflix shows below.

1. Stretch Armstrong:The Escape

Stretch Armstrong:The Breakout gives young fans of the show the chance to lead their own heroes through a crisis. If you haven't watched the original source material, don't expect an easy transition as it jumps straight into superhero-based action.

Due to the action-centric pacing of the special, choices come quickly. They are all marked with a distinctive graphic, so it is easier to determine what action you are going to take. If you mess up, you can restart the mission while viewing your previous choices.

So if you're a fan of the series or looking for fast-paced superhero action with consequences, Stretch Armstrong:The Breakout is worth a look.


2. Carmen Sandiego:to steal or not to steal

Carmen Sandiego:To Steal or Not to Steal offers an action-packed special for younger fans of the main series. As with the Stretch Armstrong stage, it's very fast. As such, interactions happen quickly, but you can jump back to previous ones by keeping them onscreen.

If you choose incorrectly, the special also automatically returns you to your previous choices. Certain choices also create a notification at the top of the screen indicating the effect they have on the story. It's a simple touch, but it's a good way to note where disclosure choices occur.

Although relatively straightforward in terms of story, it is still an elegant adventure.

3. Black Mirror:Bandersnatch

Black Mirror:Bandersnatch introduced many people to Netflix's interactive content. But if you haven't watched it yet, here's everything you need to know about Black Mirror:Bandersnatch.


As a strictly adult title, the narrative complexity remains high throughout. Bandersnatch offers multiple endings, so being able to return to your previous choices at any time makes it easier to navigate the story.

Whether you're a story finisher or not, Bandersnatch is a must watch for all Black Mirror fans.

4. Minecraft:Story Mode

Minecraft:Story Mode offers young Minecraft fans a long but relaxed interactive experience. The Netflix adaptation has five episodes, and each episode is much longer than the other entries on this list.

When it comes to interactions, Minecraft:Story Mode offers a unique visual touch by framing each choice with a distinct border. Many of these choices don't really matter, but they're often quite fun. If they change the story, you will see an on-screen notice that your story is changing.


Although most interactions are subtle, they are much more frequent and offer more engagement. All in all, it's a welcome source of attention for Minecraft fans and those who want to keep young audiences engaged.

NB: If this series makes you want more Minecraft, now you can play Minecraft for free in your browser.

5. You vs. Wild

You vs. Wild is another multi-episode interactive series. In each episode you will explore the wilderness where you try to help Bear Grylls to complete different missions with your help. If you've watched any other reality or survival shows, you'll know what you want.

The interactive elements here work like most other specials, except You vs. Wild is visually more simplistic. The choices themselves have varying degrees of impact, but staying on screen allows you to easily backtrack if you make a mistake. However, if you choose a particularly unwise choice, you can replay a scenario or restart the entire episode.


These moments usually come with some form of explanation, so you won't feel blindsided. So if you're looking to learn while engaged, join the Bear Grylls adventure.

6. Buddy Thunderstruck:The stack maybe

Buddy Thunderstruck:The Maybe Pile is a short special for fans of the Netflix original series. As a special short skit, your choices have no real consequences. So once you're done, it's pretty easy to go back and see the other humorous options.

It's mostly a silly special for young fans, so you don't have to think too much about this one.

7. Captain Underpants Epic Choice-o-Rama

Like other entries, Captain Underpants Epic Choice-o-Rama exists primarily for younger Netflix fans. If you've seen the original, the same style of humor persists with plenty of sight gags. Unlike other anime specials on this list, however, it breaks the usual limit of two picks at different intervals.

This means that if you're a big fan of the show, you'll definitely notice all the little details. The multiple endings also make it an interesting title to watch multiple times. So if you're looking for a special to keep coming back to, this is one of the best for fans.

8. The Cat in the Book:Trapped in an Epic Tale

Fans of Netflix's The Adventures of Puss in Boots will want to check out this title. You'll enjoy cameos from familiar characters as you guide the fate of Puss in Boots. Although it is aimed at children, it does its best to keep it fun for everyone.

For starters, there are several completely silly options to choose from. Most of these play out fairly quickly, and the special automatically resets and plays the correct pick afterwards. The previous choices are also displayed on the screen, which makes it easier for the youngest.

When it comes to overall interactions, there are two distinct story paths. However, Puss in Book also makes it very clear that you have to make a choice. The direct indication is nice for younger audiences who might otherwise miss the real ending.

It's a fun, short ride that packs a lot of personality along the way.

9. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt:Kimmy vs. Reverend

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt:Kimmy vs. the Reverend rounds out Netflix's best interactive shows with adult comedy. If you haven't watched the series yet, you'll enjoy the special more after you catch up.

As with Bandersnatch, the special features many different endings to discover. Plus, if you're the adventurous type, there are plenty of mistakes to explore and savor for their comedic results. Due to the wealth of comedic content on offer, your choices all have an impact even when they lead to a reset.

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Experiment with the best interactive Netflix shows

With a growing library of interactive content, Netflix continues to increase engagement with viewers of all ages. So the next time you crave more than just a passive viewing session, check out Netflix's best interactive shows.

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