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Get 3 months of SoundCloud Go for just $0.99 right now

Did you know that SoundCloud launched a new Go subscription plan in April 2016? With it, you get access to over 15 million exclusive tracks, full previews of any track, offline playback, and no ads.

The Go plan costs $10 per month. It sounded intriguing, so we tried SoundCloud Go several months ago. Is SoundCloud Go worth it? Is everything you need to know worth SoundCloud Go? All you need to know SoundCloud Go is a new premium music streaming service designed to compete with the likes of Spotify and Apple Music, but is it worth paying for? Read More But SoundCloud now has a promotion:3 months of Go for only $0.99. That's almost 97% of the sticker price! Even if you think SoundCloud sucks, it's a hard bargain to ignore.

To be fair, SoundCloud has a lot of great features. 7 reasons why you should start using SoundCloud today. 7 reasons why you should start using SoundCloud today. SoundCloud is often thought of as a hangout for indie kids and backyard bands – a place to discover new music. . And that's true to some extent, but it's far from the whole story. Read More these days it's important -bogging The problem is knowing where to look. We're here to help with an amazing list of resources just for you. Read More What is the best way to stream free music on Android? What is the best way to stream free music on Android? There are plenty of free music streaming apps for Android, but how are they different and which one is your best option? Read more.

To redeem this offer:Visit the SoundCloud Go page and click Get Started Now. This is a limited time offer, so get it while you can!

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What do you think of SoundCloud Go? The price is worth it? Are you going to take advantage of this offer? And if not, why not? What would make you use it? Share with us in a comment below!