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Best August loadout for CoD:Warzone Season 5

While not the all-conquering powerhouse it once was, the AUG is still a proficient killer in mid-range combat in Call of Duty:Warzone, and we have the attachments and perks to make the best Warzone AUG loadout in Season 5.

SummaryBest Warzone AUG LoadoutBest Warzone AUG Loadout AttachmentsBest Perks To Use With Warzone AUG ClassHow To Unlock AUGBest Alternatives

Warzone Season 2 will forever live in infamy as the era of burst and meta FFAR. You couldn't physically enter a lobby without at least 60-70% of the loadouts containing an AUG, M16, or FFAR in what is recognized as a dark time for Warzone.

But the weapons were eventually nerfed, and now Warzone Season 5 has a somewhat fuller meta, although the Krig 6 is the main go-to for many players.

However, a few people have noticed that if you're patient and skilled enough, then the Black Ops Cold War AUG can still be a solid weapon to use in combat, and we've got everything you need to know to make the best Warzone AUG loadout covered. for you.

Best Warzone AUG loadout

Best Warzone AUG loadout attachments

  • Muzzle: Agency silencer
  • Barrel: 18″ Rapid Fire
  • Optics: 3x axial arms
  • Sub-barrel: Field Agent Front Handle
  • Ammunition: Drum 45 rpm

The 18″ Rapid Fire The barrel increases the rate of fire of the best Warzone AUG loadout without affecting its damage range. You'll be able to fire multiple bursts quickly, which will make up for its nerfed speed.

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The Agency silencers will completely transform the best Warzone AUG loadout, making it infinitely better. Weapon bullet speed, damage range, and recoil control will all receive a significant buff with this suppressor equipped. And as a bonus, you'll be hidden from the minimap and radar when firing.

To make sure you can land two or three bursts consecutively, you need to perform the Field Agent Foregrip . By giving additional control to horizontal and vertical recoil, you will be able to accurately track your shots when using the best Warzone AUG loadout.

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For optics, the most effective scope is the 3x Axial Arms . It's relatively unobtrusive and offers decent magnification for hitting targets at medium to long range, which is extremely important when using the AUG in Warzone.

And finally, the Drum 45 rpm mag is a solid choice. The only penalty it gives is a slower cooldown, but 45 rounds will be enough to take out multiple enemies.

Best perks to use with Warzone AUG-class

Best August loadout for CoD:Warzone Season 5
  • Advantage 1: NEM
  • Advantage 2: Overkill then Ghost
  • Advantage 3: Ampe

For benefits, NEM is one of the best choices available. You'll be able to launch a barrage of explosives, which will be invaluable for staying alive amid the chaos of Warzone.

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When using the best Warzone AUG loadout, you will want to run a close range secondary such as the MAC-10 or LC10. Overpowered will allow you to carry two main weapons, then you can hide from UAVs by taking the Ghost advantage of your next load. And to change these weapons quickly, you must launch the Ampé advantage in the third slot.

How to unlock the AUG

Best August loadout for CoD:Warzone Season 5

To get your hands on this Tactical Rifle and craft the best Warzone AUG loadout, all you need to do is reach Level 28 in Call of Duty:Warzone.

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It's not the end of the world and you can easily use other effective weapons in the Battle Royale game.

Best Alternatives

If you find that a burst weapon isn't your thing, then the Stoner 63 and Fara 83 have proven to be excellent choices in Warzone.

If you're looking for more awesome weapons, you can check out some of the best Warzone loadouts from this season below:

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Image credits:Activision / Raven Software