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Best AS VAL loadout for CoD:Warzone Season 5

The AS VAL has one of the fastest kill times in Call of Duty, so it's worth using as a secondary weapon. Here are the best attachments and perks to create the best Warzone AS VAL Season 5 loadout.

SummaryBest Warzone AS VAL loadoutBest Warzone AS VAL loadout attachmentsBest perks to use with Warzone AS VAL class Latest AS VAL upgrades and nerfs in WarzoneHow to unlock AS VALBest alternatives

There are plenty of viable weapons in Warzone, especially with Raven Software's commitment to keeping time to kill (TTK) consistent across the board. The AS VAL is a surprising choice but can be extremely effective in the right situations.

This weapon is designed to dominate at close to medium range. Its small magazine means you won't take out multiple enemies at long range, but its fast rate of fire makes it one of the strongest at close to medium range. Here is the best AS VAL loadout for Warzone Season 5.

Best Warzone AS VAL loadout

Best Warzone AS VAL loadout attachments

  • Barrel: VLK 200mm Osa
  • Laser: Laser Tactics
  • Store: FFS Intl. GRU generation 4
  • Sub-barrel: Merc Foregrip
  • Ammunition: 30 round magazines

The VLK 200mm Osa the barrel comes with an internal monolithic suppressor, greatly increasing its range and bullet speed. Then, to keep it under control and increase your hip-firing accuracy, the Merc Foregrip is a solid choice.

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Then the Laser Tactic and FFS Intl. GRU generation 4 The stock will increase your ADS speed, allowing you to latch on to enemies quickly, taking advantage of the VAL's impressive TTK.

With this gun's incredibly fast rate of fire, the 30 Round Mags are necessary. You will only be able to down one opponent before reloading, so this weapon is especially effective in BR Solos.

Best Perks To Use With Warzone AS VAL Class

Best AS VAL loadout for CoD:Warzone Season 5
  • Advantage 1: In Cold Blood
  • Advantage 2: Overpowered
  • Advantage 3: Ampe

To get the most out of Warzone's AS VAL, you need to have the best perks to match. These perks prepare you for the game ahead, helping you survive almost any situation in Warzone.

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The Season 5 Combat Scout is extremely powerful, but Cold Blooded contradicts it now. You won't be mashed or visible through walls when shot, which takes away the biggest advantage from Combat Scout users.

After that, Overpowered will allow you to carry two main weapons and Ampé will allow you to quickly switch between the two. Since the AS VAL has a low magazine size, you need another weapon alongside, like a sniper rifle.

Latest AS VAL-upgrades and nerfs in Warzone

Best AS VAL loadout for CoD:Warzone Season 5

The AS VAL received a significant damage range increase in the patch notes for the August 16 update. While still incredibly effective at close range, it now struggles more against distant targets.

  • AS VAL (MW)
    • Maximum damage reduced from 30 to 27

The AS VAL (MW), following our balance overhaul, has retained one of the fastest and easiest to perform TTKs in the game. Although its magazine capacity holds it back, its TTK potential remained well outside the range we are aiming for.

How to unlock AS VAL

Best AS VAL loadout for CoD:Warzone Season 5

AS VAL was included in the Modern Warfare Season 6 Battle Pass, so now you'll need to complete a challenge to unlock it in Warzone Season 5 to do the best Warzone AS VAL loadout.

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This requires you to get 2 headshots with Assault Rifles in 5 different matches. This should be simple to do in both Modern Warfare multiplayer and Warzone; grab an assault rifle in matches and aim for the head.

Best Alternatives

As the AS VAL is best suited for close combat in Warzone Solos, you can use many other weapons instead. Modern Warfare's MP5 has undergone a secret buff that makes it incredibly powerful, and the Bullfrog remains a popular choice.

If you're looking for more great weapons, you can check out some of the best Warzone loadouts from this season below:

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