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Best M16 loadout for CoD:Warzone Season 5

The M16 Tactical Rifle has become a popular pick in CoD:Warzone, and these attachments and perks will make for the best Warzone M16 loadout for Season 5.

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Warzone Season 5 brought several weapon buffs and nerfs to the battle royale, shaking up the meta of previous seasons. However, the M16 Burst Rifle remained a consistently powerful, yet underrated choice.

Although not as powerful as other weapons, the M16 can take out enemies from a distance in just a few bursts. With the best loadout, you'll have no problem landing those bursts, especially if you're an accurate player.

Here are the attachments and perks to create the best Warzone M16 loadout.

Best Warzone M16 loadout

Best Warzone M16 loading-accessories

  • Muzzle: Agency silencer
  • Barrel: 20.5″ Workgroup
  • Optics: 3x axial arms
  • Sub-barrel: Field Agent Handle
  • Ammunition: 45 rpm mag

This Warzone weapon is extremely useful in long-range combat, but our gear will focus on reducing its ADS time and increasing the effective damage it can deal in mid-range combat. /P>

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We'll start with the Agency Silencer to suppress the sound of your bullets while improving the damage range of the M16. Now you'll be able to take out your enemies from a comfortable distance without alerting them to your location.

Then we will equip the Workgroup 20.5″ which increases weapon damage range and bullet speed. You can control the recoil between bursts with the Field Agent Handle .

Best M16 loadout for CoD:Warzone Season 5

If you want to accurately hit distant targets, you'll need to equip yourself with decent optics. The 3x Axial Arms The scope is a perfect fit for the M16, as its low profile sight provides great magnification for hitting distant targets.

Finally, we will end this loadout with the 45 rpm mag to make sure you have plenty of bullets to use during fights. With this loadout, the M16 will be nearly unstoppable in mid to long range encounters.

Best Perks For Warzone M16 Loadout Class

Best M16 loadout for CoD:Warzone Season 5
  • Advantage 1: NEM
  • Advantage 2: Overkill/Ghost
  • Advantage 3: Combat Scout

You'll need to watch out for enemies throwing grenades and other explosives, as they can instantly ruin your killstreak. Equip the NEM The perk will allow you to deal explosive damage while using the M16 Burst Rifle.

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For the second perk of our best Warzone M16 loadout class, we recommend starting a loadout with Overpowered so you can use two of your favorite weapons. Then switch to Ghost in your second loadout drop to hide from UAVs and heartbeat sensors.

And finally, Season 5 Combat Scout Perk will automatically ping enemies for your team and highlight them through walls. Even if the enemy runs away, you'll be able to pin them down with another burst through soft cover.

How to unlock the M16 in Warzone

Best M16 loadout for CoD:Warzone Season 5

Unlocking the M16 is an easy task in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, only requiring the player to hit Level 10 .

Throw in a few games of Warzone or Cold War, and you'll soon be unlocking this beast of a weapon with no problem.

Best M16 alternatives

If you fancy using a weapon other than the M16, you should try the Season 5 EM2. With a slow rate of fire but high damage, you'll simply melt enemies from a distance.

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The Krig 6 is also a great choice, as it rose to the top of the pack in Warzone Season 5. With almost no recoil, a fast rate of fire and competitive TTK, it's one of the easiest weapons out there. use. in the game.

If you're looking for more awesome weapons, you can check out some of the best Warzone loadouts from this season below:

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