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Best MAC-10 loadout for CoD:Cold War Season 5

The MAC-10 was introduced to Warzone and Black Ops Cold War in Season 1 and immediately established itself as one of the fastest weapons in the game. With the right attachments, loadout, and perks , this SMG can still be a competitor in season 5.

SummaryBest Cold War MAC-10 LoadoutBest Cold War MAC-10 Loadout AttachmentsBest perks to use with the Cold War MAC-10 classLatest MAC-10 upgrades and nerfsHow to unlock the MAC-10Best alternatives

When the MAC-10 was introduced to the game in early December 2020, it instantly became a staple for any gamer. In fact, the weapon was so good that it became a staple of every Warzone loadout, such was its close-range power, and it still is in Warzone Season 5.

With the right class setup, the MAC-10 can still be one of the best weapons in Black Ops Cold War, and we've got everything you need to build the ultimate loadout.

Best cold-war-mac-10 loadout

Best cold-war-mac-10-charging-accessories

  • Muzzle: Muzzle brake 9
  • Barrel: 6.5″ striped
  • Sub-barrel: Bruiser Handle
  • Handle: Speed ​​band
  • Store: Tactical stock

The MAC-10 is already deadly at close range, but these attachments will help you take out enemies at longer ranges, along with the 6.5-inch Rifled Barrel increasing your damage range by 25%, while Muzzle Brake 9 will help accurately.

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Bruiser Handle will aid in recoil, while the Speed ​​Band and Tactical Stock will ensure that you move as quickly as possible while you aim down sights. The MAC-10 is already a mobile weapon, but these attachments will make you lightning fast.


Best MAC-10 loadout for CoD:Cold War Season 5
  • Advantage 1: Tactical Mask / Flak Vest
  • Advantage 2: Scavenger / Assassin
  • Advantage 3: Ghost / Ninja

If you're using the MAC-10, chances are you'll find yourself running into enemies on a fairly regular basis, and Tactical Mask is the perfect perk to use to prevent opponents from slowing you down with flashbangs or stuns. Also, Bulletproof Vest will make you immune to those deadly Frags and Semtex.

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With a high rate of fire, Scavenger will keep your ammo topped up, and you can then use that extra stash to go hunting Assassin targets for more points.

Ghost will allow you to hit nasty flanks by keeping you clear of enemy radars when they call in a spy plane, and Ninja will help you descend those flanks with near silence.

Latest MAC-10 upgrades and nerfs

Best MAC-10 loadout for CoD:Cold War Season 5

It's been a while since the MAC-10 has received a proper update, and the most recent update is bordering on a nerf as it has more recoil pattern to learn, but also in reducing its vertical recoil.

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Here is the scope of changes made to MAC-10:

  • Modified bullet model to add slightly more horizontal trajectories

How to unlock the MAC-10

Best MAC-10 loadout for CoD:Cold War Season 5

The MAC-10 was originally available as a free reward as part of the Season 1 Battle Pass, with players only having to reach level 15 to get their hands on it.

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Fortunately, challenges allow players to still unlock this weapon in Season 5:

  • Black Ops Multiplayer Cold War: Kill 2 players or faster, using SMGs, in 15 different matches
  • Black Ops Cold War Zombies: While using SMGs, kill 1000 enemies while you have 5 or more perks active

Best Alternatives

If you feel like the MAC-10 just isn't working for you, there are other great SMG options you can use. The MP5 is a classic in Call of Duty and remains effective this year, while the AK-74u and LC10 are also extremely viable.

If you're looking for something that can deal a bit more damage at long range, the FFAR 1 Assault Rifle is a perfect blend of fire rate and distance.

Image credits:Treyarch / Activision