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TSM FTX Announces Official BGMI List of Former Stalwarts Esports Players

TSM FTX, one of the world's leading eSports organizations, today announced their new BGMI lineup on their official Instagram account. The roster consists of players who had previously played under the Stalwarts eSports/ST8 organization (six to eight).

Battlegrounds Mobile India aka BGMI is an Indian exclusive game developed by Krafton and officially released on July 2. The developers originally held the BGMI Launch Party as their first tournament featuring streamers and pro gamers. Soon after its conclusion, the developers announced BGMI India Series 2021 with a huge prize pool of INR 1Crore.

With such a large prize pool tournament coming up, several organizations are jumping into BGMI eSports by signing several star players. While many were changing their rosters, TSM India, which had one of the best PUBGM rosters in the world, had dropped the TSM Entity lineup of star players like Jonathan, Clutchgod, Neyoo, Zgod, and Ghatak. Earlier today, the organization announced its BGMI roster ahead of the start of BGIS 2021.

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TSM FTX officially announced their new BGMI roster

TSM FTX Announces Official BGMI List of Former Stalwarts Esports Players

As previously mentioned by Moyens I/O, the organization was considering acquiring the ex-Stalwarts eSports/ST8 roster (six to eight). Today, the official announcement of their new roster was made by the officials on the Instagram account. The roster is made up of the following players:

  • Aquanox
  • Ninja
  • Flame
  • Shadow

The social media post says:

We're incredibly excited to introduce to you all today our newest BGMI roster. We can't wait to achieve greatness with our new team 🏆🇮🇳

They further added:

Please give a warm welcome to the team

Earlier this month, TSM India dropped its PUBG Mobile roster which contains aggressive players and was considered one of the best and most dominant PUBG lineup in the world. The report of TSM signing this list has proven true with this announcement. Several reports speculate that GodLike has acquired former TSM BGMI roster, however, the rumors are just rumors.

TSM FTX Announces Official BGMI List of Former Stalwarts Esports Players

The ST8 roster has strong performances behind its name in several scrims and minor tournaments. Although this is a new roster in the eSports scene, the team finished in third place in the PUBG Mobile Club Open:Fall Split 2020. The team also qualified for PUBG Mobile Pro League:South Asia but unfortunately didn't get a chance to deal with it as the game was banned in the country. In December 2020, the roster had split from Starwalt eSports and reverted to its Six 2 Eight (ST8) roster. Since then, the team has been consistent in all minor events and tournaments.

It will be intriguing to see how this roster performs under such a large organization in the upcoming BGMI India 2021 Series.

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