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PUBG Mobile pro BTR Ryzen takes a break from competitive esports

The competitive storyline of PUBG Mobile has flourished with many new players emerging on the scene and manifesting their unique gameplay. With the announcement of the 2022 esports roadmap for the game, several organizations have revamped their rosters to deliver their best performances, however, a recent announcement of BTR Ryzen temporarily leaving the competitive eSports scenario came as a shock to its fans. This article examines the details of the recent decision made by the star player.

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BTR Ryzen leaves competitive PUBG Mobile temporarily

Bigetron RA (Red Aliens) is an Indonesia-based organization that offers listings in a number of popular game titles such as Free Fire, League of Legends, and others. Bigetron RA, however, is mainly known for its intimidating roster of PUBG Mobile players who have participated in a significant number of international and domestic PUBG Mobile tournaments.

Even though the organization had a list of star-studded promising players, this year failed to meet the expectations of the players as they were only able to claim the sixteenth position in the PUBG Mobile Global Championship 2021, which was quite shocking to the fans. .

PUBG Mobile pro BTR Ryzen takes a break from competitive esports

What created more amazement for the fans was that the organization recently announced through their social media that their player Muhammad "Ryzen" Albi was taking a break from the competitive game scenario. The reason for this abrupt decision by the player has not been disclosed.

"Ryzen's long journey with Bigetron Esports has certainly brought a lot of color to the national and international PUBG Mobile scene. He won all official PUBG Mobile trophies with Bigetron Red Aliens. Now is the time for Muhammad "Ryzen" Albi to declare that he is officially taking a break from the competitive world of PUBG Mobile. Thank you for your valuable time. Have a good rest Ryzen. I hope to be back soon. »

The quote mentioned above was translated from the official post upload by the Bigetron PR Instagram handle. From the official post, it looks like Ryzen might be back soon, although it's unclear when he'll join his teammates. The rest of the squad will remain unchanged from now on which consists of the following players-

  • Zuxxy (made Bagus Prabhaswara)
  • Luxxy (Made Bagas Pramudita)
  • LiQuiD (Leander Deusfiel)
  • UHigh (Mohd Arasz)
PUBG Mobile pro BTR Ryzen takes a break from competitive esports

UHigh has been loaned out to Geekfam which is taking part in SEA Games 2022, although he will remain with Bigetron RA once the official PUBG Mobile tournaments for 2022 begin. The organization hasn't mentioned if they'll be adding a new player who can fill Ryzen's role as a Rusher in competitive esports.