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PUBG Mobile Mission Ignition is set to return on August 5, 2021 with Mission Ignition:Reloaded Live Event

PUBG Mobile officials have announced that PUBG Mobile Mission Ignition, which went offline a few days ago, is set to return on August 5, 2021 with a highly anticipated Mission Ignition:Reloaded Live Event.

PUBG Mobile is an extremely popular battle royale game mainly due to its unique in-game features, various modes that take players out of the monotonous battlefield where players just have to land, loot supplies and eliminate other enemies. PUBG Mobile is constantly adding in-game changes to captivate gamers. Before Mission Ignition mode, players enjoyed Insectoid mode where players transformed into small insects and fought each other. Both of these modes saw an overwhelming response from gamers, so PUBG Mobile decided to bring back Mission Ignition Mode as soon as possible.

The wait is finally over as PUBG Mobile Mission Ignition returns on August 5, 2021. Officials have also announced a new event.

PUBG Mobile Mission Ignition set to return on August 5, 2021

PUBG Mobile Mission Ignition is set to return on August 5, 2021 with Mission Ignition:Reloaded Live Event

Mission Ignition Mode was introduced in the new PUBG Mobile update 1.5 and was expected to continue until September. However, the manufacturers have decided to temporarily take the offline mode to make the necessary changes and developments. As promised, the mode will be available for players this Thursday, August 5, 2021.

PUBG Mobile posted on its official Twitter account-

The MISSION IGNITION:RELOADED LIVE EVENT is coming Thursday August 5th at 5PM PT! Tune in to see your favorite content creators defend themselves against YOU the viewer!

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As mentioned in the tweet, PUBG Mobile Mission Ignition will be available for players on August 5 at 5 PM Pacific Time and 8 PM Eastern Time. Additionally, players will be able to watch their favorite content creators play Mission Ignition mode. The tournament will be streamed live on the official PUBG Mobile youtube channel. Players can even set a reminder for the event by clicking here.

PUBG Mobile Mission Ignition is set to return on August 5, 2021 with Mission Ignition:Reloaded Live Event

This event was supposed to take place earlier, but PUBG Mobile removed the mission ignition mode to fix some bugs and technical issues. PUBG Mobile wants to ensure that players or content creators get a seamless experience of their gameplay. Another exciting news for PUBGM players is that the mode is going into overdrive in August, which means players can expect to get plenty of rewards such as outfits, skins and maybe a chance to win a Tesla skin.

Krafton had opened registrations for this mode where players were promised a permanent Galaxy Messenger Set for free if they signed up for Mission Ignition mode. Amazingly, over 200 million players have signed up for the biggest update. Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile has also announced a community event – ​​PUBG Mobile All Talent Championship 2021 where every player can register regardless of their competitive gaming experience.

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