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5 Myths About Spotify You Probably Believe... Busted

When was the last time you downloaded music from iTunes or Amazon? Load a CD when you need some tunes on a long car ride?

Of course, no. Instead, you almost certainly get your music through Spotify. Spotify Your music collection:The end of iTunes. Spotify Your music collection:The end of iTunes. Spotify is no longer content to compete with radio, they are now competing with the idea of ​​even owning music. Read More Since the rise of music streaming services (led by Spotify) in the early 2010s, paid downloads have dropped considerably. Many people will tell you that Spotify is evil and causing the death of the music industry, but those claims are exaggerated.

Let's discuss some of the biggest misconceptions about Spotify and reveal the truth.

Myth 1:Spotify doesn't pay artists

If you've heard a single criticism against Spotify, it's probably this. Since the service became popular, critics have claimed that Spotify does not adequately compensate artists for their content. While Spotify's base payout may seem low at first glance, it's important to review where that money is going.

Obviously but importantly, Spotify does paying artists Just because the service is “free” to non-Premium subscribers The End of Free Music:Should Spotify Make Everyone Pay? The End of Free Music:Should Spotify Make Everyone Pay? Apple is attempting another revolution with the rumored launch of Apple Music, a music streaming service. But along the way, Apple could be trying to kill existing free music streaming services. Boo! Whistle! Read More Those who assume that because they can simply download Spotify and start listening to music, it is equivalent to piracy services like LimeWire 8 Nearly Forgotten Windows Programs Still Today 8 Nearly Forgotten Windows Programs Still Today Many programs that were once popular are have faded into darkness. You might be surprised what old software you can still download in 2016. Read More If you're a Premium subscriber, Spotify uses your monthly fee to pay what it owes. Free users see ads instead, and those ads drive revenue Why you'll never stop seeing ads and IAPs in mobile apps Why you'll never stop seeing ads and IAPs in mobile apps Ads and in-app purchases in apps and mobile games can be really annoying. Unfortunately, they won't be leaving anytime soon. This is why. Read More

Spotify used to display a page on its site detailing how it pays artists, but that's no longer available. Spotify's exact payouts are based on a number of factors, but as best we know the averages range from $0.006 to $0.0084 per stream. Compare this to Apple's iTunes, where most songs are $1.29. Apple takes a 30 percent cut of all sales, which means that at best, an artist would earn about 90 cents on a song download. This makes less than a penny per stream sound like a destitute salary, but consider how people use streaming services.

Telling my personal experience

My favorite band is The Classic Crime. I've been listening to them since before I became a Spotify user. Every time they release a new album, I listen to it on Spotify because that's the central location where I get all my music from. For the foreseeable future, I will continue to stream their music regularly, and have already listened to each of their albums dozens of times.

The Classic Crime has already made me more money than if I had bought each album once. Also, I've supported their most recent albums on Kickstarter, which also gives them income (by the way, Kickstarter also has a share of the projects, and you don't see anyone complaining about how that hurts the music industry).

Simply put, fans of a band will financially support them the same way on Spotify as they would on CD purchases or iTunes downloads. If you wouldn't spend $10 to download a band's album, you wouldn't give them too many Spotify listens either.

This is all due to the fact that, in most cases, record companies are the rights holders that Spotify pays for. These middlemen also take some of the profits. Unfortunately, this is a reality of the music industry and it's the same everywhere, it's not Spotify's problem. The company has a contract to pay a certain amount to whoever owns the rights to the song. If a band is under contract to a record label, then the label has a legal right to that money. Independent bands get more from the profits since they don't have to deal with the middleman.

For a detailed breakdown of why streaming royalties are tricky, check out this Quora post.

Myth 2:Spotify harms the music industry

We've confirmed that artists make money from Spotify, but what about the music industry in general? Taylor Swift Claimed Spotify Is Horrible Why Taylor Swift Is Wrong About Spotify Why Taylor Swift Is Wrong About Spotify Last week, Taylor Swift pulled her music from Spotify, inspiring countless headlines and reigniting the debate about music services online. streaming. Read More Music fans got a Christmas present when on December 24, 2015, all of The Beatles' major albums were released on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services. Here's why that matters. Read more in late 2015. What do these two different approaches show about Spotify's effect on the industry?

Note that Spotify has given people one less reason to pirate music. In the early days of iTunes, your options were to pay for a download or go the piracy route. Now it only takes a few minutes to download Spotify, open an account and listen to all the music you want. Even if people just casually listen to music on Spotify, that's fair use that benefits both artists and the industry. It's much healthier than the now-defunct Grooveshark The Day Music Died:A Grooveshark Retrospective The Day Music Died:A Grooveshark Retrospective Grooveshark is dead. But how did this infamous real-time hacking service stay alive? And what does its closure mean for users? Let's take an in-depth look. Read More

It's important to remember that many other outlets have a tendency to broadcast the end of ownership:Netflix, Spotify, and The Streaming Generation The end of ownership:Netflix, Spotify, and The Streaming Generation Streaming media is convenient, but you're giving something up. Important:ownership of digital media. Read More Netflix lets you stream movies and PlayStation Now can stream PS4 games to your PC PlayStation Now on PC:Is it worth it? PlayStation now on PC:Is it worth it? Sony's PS Now game streaming service is available for Windows PCs! But is it worth the subscription price for PC gamers? This is what you will get! Read more . In both cases, you do not own the media you are consuming. It is licensed for use as long as you are a paying customer. Streaming hasn't killed any of those industries. - Actually, they are adapting as times change. .

Plus, Spotify gives smaller artists a better chance of escaping than they would without it. Bands can link to their Spotify pages and playlists from anywhere; sending them to friends is an easy way to spread your music. Additionally, Spotify's regularly updated playlists often feature up-and-coming artists. If a band gets their music selected for one of these mixes, they could see a huge boost in popularity.

Myth 3:Spotify has completely stopped piracy

Although Spotify has provided a healthy alternative to music theft, the problem is not going away any time soon. Many people are willing to pay for a streaming subscription or live with ads in their music, but others are not for a couple of different reasons.

Although Spotify is good at bringing new releases to its catalog right away, sometimes users have to wait a bit.

When Kanye West released his album. The life of Paul , restricted him to the troublesome Tidal service Why Jay Z's Tidal Music Streaming Service Is Doomed Why Jay Z's Tidal Music Streaming Service Is Doomed Jay Z recently relaunched Tidal, Jay Z's streaming service music that he acquired for $56 million. Tidal has 99 issues, and Ringtone is one. Read More He didn't come to Spotify for another 45 days after the album's initial release. This means that Spotify subscribers who wanted to listen to the album had to pay the additional subscription or listen to it through other means, such as piracy. This is how more than 500,000 people heard the album for the first time.

Spotify doesn't have every music track known to man, so listeners who want to keep all their music in one place are likely to pirate the missing music and import it into Spotify manually. And it is an unfortunate fact that we will always have people hacking no matter what honest options are available. Whether they want to own music without paying for it or just don't care if the artist makes money, Spotify won't tempt them.

Similarly, while listening to music on YouTube How to Listen to Full Music Albums on YouTube for Free How to Listen to Full Music Albums on YouTube for Free Do you want to listen to full music albums for free? YouTube can do that. Read More If the uploader does not own the rights to the music, doing so is creating an illegal copy and breaking the law.

Myth 4:Listening to Spotify is worse than vinyl

Since Spotify music is streamed to your computer rather than played locally, its quality varies depending on the bitrate. On the desktop app, the standard setting for free users is 160Kbps, while premium users can enjoy High Quality at 320Kbps. There are some people who say listening to music on vinyl is better 4 Reasons Why Vinyl it's better than digital 4 reasons why vinyl is better than digital greetings, peasants! What, are you still listening to MP3s? Look, as someone who knows more about music than you, I think it's my duty to tell you that there is a better way. It's called vinyl. Read More

Vinyl audio is uncompressed analog sound, unlike Spotify's compressed digital sound, and music purists insist it's better. But can you really tell the difference? How does audio compression work, and can it really tell the difference? How does audio compression work, and can it really tell the difference? In this article, we'll take a look at how music compression works and if it has any real effect on how music actually sounds. Read More You may notice some drops in Normal quality, but you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who knows the difference between a vinyl record and a high-quality Spotify stream. A good pair of Spotify headphones lets you enjoy your music cleanly, and it comes without the crackling noise that some of us find annoying.

Aside from sheer quality, Spotify digital music offers many benefits. Forget Vinyl:4 Reasons Digital Is Superior Forget Vinyl:4 Reasons Digital Is Superior Vinyl is overrated. Done. Digital is clearly superior for many reasons, some of which are presented below for your reading pleasure. Feel free to disagree, even if doing so makes you a massive non-conformist. Read more about vinyl. Records are not portable, require flipping to listen to the entire album, and can cost $20 or more. A $10 Premium payment gives you a month of unlimited access to anything you want to listen to, why would you pay double for an album?

Myth 5:Spotify is flawless

After the above discussions, you might be under the impression that we consider Spotify to be flawless; It is not like this. While we think Premium is worth it, is Spotify Premium worth it and should I upgrade? Is Spotify Premium worth it and should you upgrade? Is Spotify Premium worth it? In this article, find out what Premium offers and whether you should upgrade from Spotify Free. Read More find so much new music over the years. Here are the built-in features of Spotify that I used to discover amazing music. Lea más, es una desafortunada verdad que la experiencia del usuario de Spotify ha ido cuesta abajo recientemente.

Spotify ha eliminado muchas funciones Cómo restaurar las mejores funciones Spotify ha eliminado Cómo restaurar las mejores funciones Spotify ha eliminado Spotify puede ser el mejor servicio de transmisión de música disponible, pero ha eliminado algunas características en los últimos años. Descubra cómo recuperar las mejores funciones perdidas de Spotify para siempre. Leer más que fueron impresionantes para los usuarios avanzados. Solía ​​tener una sección de aplicaciones donde se podían descargar utilidades para descubrir música nueva o buscar letras en la ventana de Spotify. Una vez que las aplicaciones se fueron, Spotify integró el servicio Musixmatch para que aún pudieras ver las letras en tiempo real. Luego, de repente desapareció, por lo que ahora los usuarios están atascados buscando letras en otra ventana del navegador.

El servicio tiene su propio conjunto de errores molestos. Spotify ¿No funciona? ¿Cómo solucionar 8 problemas comunes de Spotify Spotify no funciona? Cómo solucionar 8 problemas comunes de Spotify Como cualquier otro servicio conocido por el hombre, Spotify es propenso a problemas que afectan a millones de usuarios. Hemos identificado los problemas más comunes y hemos encontrado soluciones para todos ellos. No problem. Leer más que surgen a veces. El año pasado, también tuvo una breve etapa en la que los anuncios publicaban malware ¿Usar Spotify? ¿Puede haber sido infectado con el uso de malware Spotify? Es posible que se haya infectado con Malware Spotify es uno de los mejores servicios de transmisión de música disponibles en este momento. Desafortunadamente, también ha estado suministrando malware a algunos de sus usuarios. Read more . Hemos mencionado los agujeros en su catálogo con los que probablemente se encontrará en algún momento. Y ni siquiera nos permite comenzar con lo malo que es el nuevo Spotify Web Player. Todo está mal con el nuevo Spotify Web Player. Todo lo que está mal con el nuevo Spotify Web Player. Bueno, decimos "actualizar", pero esto se siente más como una rebaja. This is why. Read more.

¿Qué crees que sabes sobre Spotify??

Hemos discutido cinco mitos que muchas personas, incluido usted, probablemente creen acerca de Spotify. Ya sea que sea un aficionado al streaming y obtenga toda su música a través del servicio o se burle de la idea de comprar algo más que discos físicos, hay algo que aprender aquí..

Para mí, personalmente, Spotify proporciona un gran valor para acceder a toda la música que pueda desear con la tranquilidad de saber que estoy apoyando a los artistas. Puede estar lejos de ser perfecto, pero es la mejor manera en la que puedo pensar para escuchar música en este momento..

¿Interesado en un servicio similar? Vea nuestra comparación de Spotify, Google Play Music y Apple Music Spotify versus Apple Music vs. Google Play Music:¿Cuál es el mejor? Spotify vs. Apple Music vs. Google Play Music:¿Cuál es el mejor? Si bien hay una gran cantidad de servicios de transmisión de música, hay tres principales que se destacan sobre los demás:Spotify, Apple Music y Google Play Music. ¿Pero cuál es mejor? Read more.

¿Hay algún mito que hayas oído sobre Spotify? ¿Qué hiciste para desacreditarlos? ¿Qué desea que la gente entienda sobre el servicio de transmisión? ¿Estás contento con la experiencia general de Spotify? Por favor, agregue sus pensamientos en los comentarios a continuación!