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PUBG mobile anti-cheat system bans over 1,110,842 accounts this week

PUBG Mobile was the highest-grossing game of February 2021, with over $250 million in revenue. The game has grossed over $2.5 billion in 2020, the highest revenue generated for a mobile game.
The reason behind this unprecedented success are the stunning graphics, intense gameplay and updates with new experiences. In this article, we will discuss PUBG Mobile Anti-Cheat System.

With updates lined up every two weeks or every month. The developers not only provide new features, but also eliminate bugs and glitches in the game.

PUBG mobile anti-cheat system bans over 1,110,842 accounts this week

To prevent cheaters from spoiling the experience, the developers of PUBG Mobile have implemented a dedicated anti-cheat system. Upon detection of wrongdoing, it will immediately ban the user from accessing the game permanently.

PUBG Mobile has now released its 25th report for cheaters who were banned the previous week:March 5-11. This week's report revealed that over 1,110,842 accounts have been banned from PUBG Mobile for cheating, with each receiving a permanent suspension. In the latest report, PUBG Mobile suspended 1,573,454 accounts for cheating. This week they banned 41% fewer cheaters than the previous week.

Breaking banned PUBG accounts

PUBG mobile anti-cheat system bans over 1,110,842 accounts this week

A total of conqueror level accounts that were banned was 1%, while ace level accounts and crown level accounts that were banned were 7% and 12%. In the lower tier, 13% of accounts were banned in the diamond tier, while 11% of the banned accounts were in the platinum tier. 10% gold, 12% silver and 34% bronze accounts have also been banned.

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Type of cheat used in the game

PUBG mobile anti-cheat system bans over 1,110,842 accounts this week

29% of banned tricks were auto-aiming, which automatically allowed players to shoot enemies using third-party software. About 28% of the tricks used were of the X-ray vision type, which was used to see through walls, revealing players' positions and allowing cheaters to gain an unfair advantage. 19% of hacks used were quick hacks to increase speed. This put the enemy player at a disadvantage when shooting the cheater.

7% of cheaters received suspensions for using an area damage modification, which allowed cheaters to increase area damage while firing bullets. PUBG Mobile handed 1% bans from hackers because they modified their character model using third-party software to gain an unfair advantage over legitimate players.

The remaining 16% of the player base was banned for using unknown third-party software. With measures taken against hackers becoming more stringent, it will be interesting to see if cheaters will learn from this and stop such unfair practices.

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