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How to block channels in YouTube recommendations

YouTube recommendations are a great way to discover new channels and videos that you might otherwise miss, but if there's a channel you're not interested in and it keeps showing up in your recommendations, it can get pretty annoying.

Fortunately, you can banish it forever. One option is to get rid of YouTube recommendations Sick with irrelevant YouTube recommendations? What do you need to do for irrelevant YouTube recommendations? Here's what you need to do YouTube recommendations can eventually start to malfunction, suggesting weird videos that have nothing to do with your interests. When that happens, here's what you can do to deal with it. Read more . The other option, which we'll explore in this post, is to use a browser extension that allows you to block specific channels or topics.

How to block channels in YouTube recommendations

The Video Blocker browser extension (Chrome, Firefox) makes it easy to block YouTube channels, topics, or even comments from appearing while you're on YouTube. In addition to blocking the channels of your recommendations, they will also not appear in your search results.

Once you've installed the extension, head over to YouTube to start blocking channels:

  1. Find a channel that you don't want to appear in your recommendations..
  2. Right-click a channel thumbnail or a video thumbnail in the search results and click Block videos from this channel. .

As videos from other channels appear in your recommendations or when you see them in search results, you can right-click the thumbnail and block them.

To see the extension in action, watch this video:

To manage your list of blocked channels, click the extension button in Chrome and click Block List . This is where you remove channels from your block list, and you can also manually add channel names, keywords, and wildcards if you prefer.

So let's say there's a brand, topic, or even public personality that you're just not interested in seeing on YouTube. Just enter that as a keyword and it will no longer appear on YouTube.

The problem with this extension is that the content is blocked only in your browser. If you watch YouTube somewhere else, like on your smart TV or phone, those same recommendations will come back.

If you use more than one computer, you can export your block list and import it into the extension on another computer.