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Game of Thrones spin-off 10,000 Ships:release date, plot, cast…

Game of thrones:the 10,000 Ships spin-off is officially in the works! Release date, plot, cast, we share the latest information about the Game of Thrones prequel.

Game of Thrones spin-off 10,000 Ships:release date, plot, cast…

The popularity of Game of Thrones is so huge that we've all been looking for a similar original series since GOT disappeared from our screens (unfortunately). But HBO (American television channel which produces and broadcasts series, among other things) persists and wants to be THE owner of the next "Game of Thrones". For that, he found the right strategy! There are currently five known Game of Thrones spin-offs , basically, prequels to the original series.

Among these prequels there is the series "10,000 Ships" - "10,000 ships" . If for several years there has been speculation about the production and release of this series, it has recently become more concrete. On May 25, 2021, Deadline shared some official information regarding 10,000 Ships:HBO finally hired screenwriter Amanda Segel (executive producer of Helstrom series and Person of Interest ).

10,000 Ships release date

Although it is still far from over, we have some information that may interest you on 10,000 Ships! The American channel HBO has not yet announced an official release date for the series 10,000 Ships and it is very likely that it will be available before next year , even before several years. 10,000 Ships isn't the only Game of Thrones spin-off in the works, and the series will compete with the other four.

Among the five projects that are under study or in development at HBO , there's House of The Dragon, the most advanced spin-off to date. The release date for this series is currently scheduled for 2022, so expect HBO to not release a second Game of Thrones spin-off before 2023, the time that the series House of the Dragon is broadcast.

Game of Thrones prequel series plot:10,000 Ships

As we told you, 10,000 Ships will be a prequel from the hit series Game of Thrones. The series is based like the original on the existing works of George R.R. Martin. In his series of novels, the author repeatedly mentioned the princess of Nymeria . She is mainly in the book "The World of Ice &Fire The Untold History of Westeros" - "Game of Thrones:The Origins of the Saga" .

Game of Thrones spin-off 10,000 Ships:release date, plot, cast…

The series derived from Game of Thrones will immerse us in the universe of House Martell , which the warrior and princess Nymeria particularly appreciates. Originally Nymeria ruled Ny Sar in Essos before a war broke out between her group and the people of Valyria (the ancestors of the Targaryens). His city is notably reduced to ashes because of their dragons . To escape this war and the villains of Valyria, Nymeria fled with and the survivors of Rhoynars aboard 10,000 ships to the south of Westeros . Arrived there, she married Mors Martell and together founded the famous Kingdom of Dorne .

To place you in the story, the 10,000 Ships spin-off takes place around 1,000 years before Game of Thrones (and before the events chronicled in A Song of Ice and Fire).

  • Anecdote about the 10,000 Ships series: Remember Arya Stark's wolf was named Nymeria. This is simply in honor of the princess.

Who will be in the cast of 10,000 Ships?

The co-producer of the series Person of Interest has just been chosen to be at the helm of the script for 10,000 Ships. It is therefore too early for the production to announce the actors of the series . We can nevertheless reveal a few people who will probably be present in 10,000 Ships without telling you who will interpret them. The main role of 10,000 Ships will obviously be Princess Nymeria , heroine of the series.

Game of Thrones spin-off 10,000 Ships:release date, plot, cast…

Nymeria is the leader of a group called Rhoynar, she is the princess of Ny Sar, an old Rhoynese city located at the confluence of the Rhoyne and the Noyne. In George R.R. Martin's book, the story begins when his group loses the war against the dragon lords of Valyria (civilization famous for its steel but then fell into ruin when the Game of Thrones series takes place). If we stick to the history and the books, the Valyrians are going to be "the bad guys" of the series and will make life difficult for Princess Nymeria.

Game of Thrones spin-off series

Five Game of Thrones prequels are in development or under consideration. The story of the Targaryens is one of the most anticipated stories by fans of the series. House of the dragon, the spin-off on the ancestors of the Targaryens is in production and the appearance of some characters in the series have already been created.

The series, co-created by George R.R Martin himself, is currently filming and will be available on HBO next year in 2022 . The scripts were written by Sara Lee Hess (Doctor House, Orange is the New Black, Dead Wood ), Vince Gerardis (Jumper ) and Ron Schmidt (Digital Man, Prison break:The Joyce Mitchell story and Promised Land ).